Ben Got It 3 Times.

My son Benjamin is 5, and I have never really been a big spanker, but lately he has just been terrible. I took him to see Santa and while on his lap, he DEMANDED some new toys, and was extreamly rude about it. I told him to apoligize to Santa, and he did. I marched him right out to the car and as soon as I becan to drive hime home, he spat out that he said sorry and npw he has to get toys. I told him santa probably knew that, as he is a very smart man. I asked him if he was sorry for the way he spoke to Santa, and he said no, he said he wanted toys and he would get toys. Now I'm not going to ruin my son's Christmas, so I said I was going to make sure he was soon as we got home, i told him to go to his room and wait for me. After a while, i sat in his chair and explained that naughty boys who aren't sorry need a spanking to realize what they have done wrong. He put his hands on his butt and said, "but I am sorry mommy." I told him that he was only sorry that he was about to get a spanking. He began to cry and hit me, so I pulled his pants and underware down and left the room so he could calm down a little. I came back in about 5 min. with my hair brush. before he could react i threw him over my knee and heald him in place. I asked him if he knew why he was being spanked. He asked "because I was mean to santa." Yes that is the reason you are getting spanked right now, but this is not going to be the only spanking you will get today. My poor little boy just went in to a rampage crying and screaming, so i gave him a firm hand spank, to get his attention. He was going to revieve 3 spankings today, i explained, one for being rude, one for lying about it and being rude in the car, and one for hitting mommy. I braced him and gave him 5 mild hand spanks and let him calm down a bit, then I told him that i love him, but not his behavior, I then gave him 5 hard spanks with the brush. He said he was sorry that he had the meanest mommy in the world. I asked him if he was sorry for what he said to santa and he said no! Still! My Benjamin has NEVER acted like this, so I gave him 7 more rapid hard brush spanks. I then made him stand in the corner for 5 min. After it was over I gave him a hug, and told him that I called santa and told him that he had not been sorry before, but that he was a very sorry boy now, and told him he had to write santa an apoligy letter. When bed time came around I told him he needed his other spanking. He cried and kicked. I asked him if he remembered why he was getting the spanking. he asked, 'because I hit you. mommy?" At that moment I knew I couldnt give him his third spanking. I can not teach my son not to hit by hitting him. I told him that that was not the reason for this spanking, but that mommy and Ben will work togther to help him overcome his feelings of anger, and find a better way for communicating with me, and that this spanking was for lying to santa and continueing to be rude in the car. I took his fathers belt from the bedroom and told him to lay across my lap. I pulled off his pants and hand spanked him mildly a few times, but only enough to sting for a moment, then i picked the belt up and he began sobbing and yelling for me to please not use it. i rubbed his bottom a little and told him that it was part of his spankiong and that after this it would all be over. I folded the belt in two and gave him 2 soft smacks, that was probably lighter than with my hand. then i told him he only had 2 more to go and he seemed ready, the next one i landed had him crying and trying o squirm off my lap, but i told him 1 more, then CRRRRAAAAKK. i really landed the belt on him. i held him while he sobbed his apoligies and rubbed hos back, then i carried him to bed and told him that he was going to write santa a letter in the morning.
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oy...too many spankings. 3 hard slaps on his bare-bottom with a ping-pong paddle board would have sent the same messsage. too much work for you to be spanking him day and night.

if i were u i would let santa spank his butt in public so he would be ashamed of himselve