Holiday Spanking

With the approach of Christmas, I thought I would share one of the rare Christmas spankings I've had to give to one of my children.

Before I start, I know some may not agree, but I've always treated holidays as any other day in regards to expectations of behavior. They may get a hair bit more leeway due to the holiday, like an extra warning, but if their misbehavior continues, or they do something serious enough to earn an automatic spanking, then they receive one. My feelings are if you make holidays non-spank (or non-punishment) days, then you are sending the message to the children that it's ok to misbehave on those special days. They need to know the rules are still very much in place, as well as the consequences if they break those rules. I'm sure all of us parents have learned how important consistency is in all aspects of raising our children, but especially in regards to discipline.

As for my story, this was almost 9 years ago, on Christmas morning. Our middle daughter, who was 12 at the time, was excited to get to the presents. Although ironically, her younger sister and brother (3 and 11), were being much more patient than she was. Of course my oldest (16) could only just shake her head at how she was acting.

As I was getting my coffee, I could hear the whine "Come on mom, everyone is already here." which is when Jennifer, my oldest, scolded her to settle down. When I walked into the living room, I gave Kahlan (12 yr old) a firm look and told her that Laura (3 yr old) was acting more mature than herself. What really was annoying me is we have instilled with them that Christmas isn't about getting gifts, but the act of giving and celebration of the birth of Jesus. But of course it's understandable children look forward to their gifts, although she never this bad in prior Christmases.

She settled down though, and it was going well, at least for a short while. When Laura had grabbed a second gift to open, is when Kahlan started to whine again. "Moom, she just opened one, isn't it my turn?." This is when I began to really lose my patience. Where she had her share of spankings at that age, she usually was not this immature and selfish, but I was just so disappointed on how she was acting this morning. I scolded her firmly that she really was acting childish. And if she didn't stop right now, she would get a spanking.

Instead of arguing, she bit her lip and said "Ok...I'm sorry." I smiled and said "Good, honey. Now you can go grab one of yours and open." It didn't last long though, as Laura once again grabbed a second gift after opening one, and Kahlan just grabbed it and said "No! It's my turn!" which then Laura lost her balance, fell down and started to cry. I quickly went over to Laura, and she was fine as she fell straight down on her bottom. However, I was extremely angry with Kahlan. I stood her up, and swatted her hard three times on her pj covered bottom and told her that she just earned herself a spanking.

She started to cry hard, not only from the swats, but also from being told she was going to be spanked. Of course she tried pleading not to be spanked and promising she will behave. But I am sure you all will agree that once punishment has been announced, you needed to follow through. Besides, I had absolutely no intention of changing my mind, even if felt I could so so without having any repercussions in regards consistency, I felt a spanking was well earned and needed here.

After her swats, I took a hold of her arm firmly, but not real hard, and guided her over to the couch. While baring her bottom, I continued to scold her on her behavior. That she was 12 yrs old, but was acting like a 2 yr old, and that her 3 yr old sister was setting a better example than herself. And not only that, but she also could have hurt her sister when grabbing her gift like that. She cried harder at that, and wailed she was sorry, and I knew she was, but I felt punishment was still needed. I told her that I loved her, and that I did not want to have to spank her, especially on Christmas, but hopefully this spanking will help her remember next time that this kind of behavior is not acceptable.

I then turned her over my knee, went into my purse and pulled out my hairbrush, and proceeded to spank her soundly. I scolded her somewhat in the beginning, asking her some questions, but I've always scolded mostly before the spanking, and during the spanking I just usually concentrate with my task at hand. In a sense, I remember the whole experience seeming a bit out of place. The loud smacking of my hairbrush and bawling/wailing of my little girl, with "Sleigh Ride" Christmas music playing in the background.

Once I stopped spanked, I just let her cry hard over my lap for a bit, and then asked if she wanted to sit on Mommy's lap and be held (they have never said no). I pulled her close, rocked and comforted her for awhile, letting her know it was all over and that Mommy loves her so much. I told her again I did not want to have to spank her, but I would do so, even on Christmas, if she misbehaved again like that. She just apologized several times, with assurances she wouldn't do so again. And where she had her times of 'tantrums' again after that, they were pretty rare and I never had to spank her again on Christmas.

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You should send to the corner or to their bedroom alone after a spanking. It helps them with bad association

Yeah corner time is effective with some kids but not all kids.

Great story. I see your point

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love your christmas story

did she have hair on her vagina? and when you pulled her panties down, was she on display for her brother to see? You should have put her in the corner-naked of course..;)

I don't know about the rest of you, but I for one don't mess with a lady who keeps a wooden hairbrush in her purse!

Great story! One might say that day may have been an epiphany for Kathleen. Your swats gave her head the message! Thank you.

Great job i agree there I have twin 3 yr olds and I discipline them anytime any where although I have been letting them off a bit lately because I'm heavily pregnant

good on you...and another one on the way means more bots to tan!! lol


im 12 i thibk ths mean its beating

If Your 12 you should not be on this site. You must have lied when you signed up! get offline and go tell your parent what you did wrong and accept your punishment

I'm was calm. What's really annoying is you thinking i was not :P

you should be spanked for that terrible spelling you bad girl.

I agree entirely. Your daughter knew she was pushing the line and at 12 was old enough to know that her behaviour would be unacceptable to you.
Well spanked. Good parenting.

I'm sure your daughter will remember her Christmas spanking for many years to come. Spanking her in front of the other children also sends the message good behavior is required even on holidays.

I remember getting a spanking 2 hours before my 12th birthday party because I was acting like a brat. I told my mom she couldn't spank me because it was my birthday. She said "Oh I can get a spanking on my birthday" Mom then paddled my bare bottom good.

Yes it was very memorable and mom did not hesitate to my extended family that naughty girls get real spankings on their birthday. I turned beet red with embarrassment

Lninwa, you are right in that Christmas spanking was memorable for my daughter. As we all probably have done with our children when they got to be older, I have reminisced with the children on some of the memories that stand out, including ones where spankings have been needed. We laugh about it now, on how silly she acted that day, but Kahlan more than once has brought up "Mom, remember that time you spanked me on Christmas?"

And I agree with you in regards to spanking in front of the other children. I have found a spanking heard, or especially seen, is almost as effective as a spanking given. And has almost always shaped up the behavior of the other kids, as well.

And where I have never made a point to take them in front of others to spank them, if they have acted up in front of others, I am also not shy on doing so.


<p>In spite of it being Christmas, you did what a mom is supposed to do. I never got spanked on Christmas, but when I was 7 my mom gave me a good hairbrush spanking a couple of days after for burning a hole in the living room rug. I remember being across her lap and looking over at our Christmas tree while my hiney was getting blistered.<br />
<br />
That was the first time she used the hairbrush on me - and from then on, all her spankings were with the hairbrush on my bare hiney.</p>

Why does it seem like boys always seem to find the most dangerous types of misbehavior? :)

My son was close in age to yourself (he was 8) when he had his dangerous experience with fire. I caught him trying to start a 'campfire' in the garage because he wanted to practice for Cub scouts and it was raining outside.

Similar to what your mom did with yourself, I lit my own fire to his bottom with the hairbrush.


Anything having to do with fire is very attractive to young boys. there was another time my mom gave me the hairbrush. I was trying to impress two girls who lived on the next street and threw a match into a small can that had gasoline in it. There was a big puff of black smoke that attracted my mom's attention and she was NOT happy. She called from the back door for me to come in and that she was going to give me the hairbrush. A minute or so later it was easy for the two girls to figure out why I was yelling and crying.

Please add me Sarah so we can share more experiences.

That was a fair and moderate spanking. As Goldielocks might say, it was not too hard or soft but just right. She got the message and it stuck with her.

Thank you, it's not something I enjoyed doing, but I felt was necessary.

And I would agree, even though it was given on Christmas, it was by no means a serious spanking. One that was 'in the middle of the road'. Although of course if you asked my daughter at the time, she would have vehemently disagreed.


No good parent or caregiver wants to spank, but it is, indeed, sometimes necessary. You seem to be doing well to give Kahlan a hard enough spanking to send a good message without going too far. Break her will to disobey but never her spirit.

you are a loving caring mother and i wish i had one like you when i was a child

Thank you very much for your kind words. And I am sorry to hear about your mother, however, it seems you have overcome that as you have grown into a very nice person.

I've been spanked on Christmas not fun!

Good for you.

I don't think I've ever given a real spanking on Christmas day, but I have on Christmas eve, and one my oldest got it on her birthday.

Thank you to all for your support. I don't like to have to spank in general, but even more so on Christmas. However, as I said in my story, I do feel you can't make exceptions for holidays or special occasions. They need to know that special day is like any other day in regards to expectations of behavior.

Michelle, I've had to spank on other holidays as well, also including on their birthdays.


im ten