Carleigh's Double Spanking

a couple of weeks ago my daughter Carleigh got 2 spankings one from me and one from her all started when Carleigh got back from school. the twins Felix & Vanessa (3) were very hyper and Carleigh (7) was in a bad mood.

Carleigh was doing homework while Jasper (5) , Felix & Vanessa (3) watched tv . Lilibeth (1) & Miles (then 4 weeks old) were sleeping. Lilibeth & Miles woke up and when i was in their room Felix & Vanessa started playing up when i came out to see why Carleigh was shouting/crying Felix was pulling her hair and vanessa was drawing on her homework i shouted "Vanessa Jade & Felix James what are you doing" i walked over to Felix and said calmly " we do not pull hair , if you do it again you are going on the naughty step " and took the pencil off Vanessa and said" we do not draw on Carleighs homework if you do it again you are going on the naughty step now say sorry to Carleigh both of you and go watch tv with Jasper" Carleigh was crying so i hugged her and said "its ok baby they wont do it again" and she said "what about my homework" i said "i will just rub off all the markings Vanessa made and its all better" once i did this i went back into Lilibeth & Miles i carried them out to the living room to change them when i was changing Miles i heard Carleigh Cursing i finished changing Miles sat him on his play mat with Lilibeth and walked over to Carleigh and said "did i just hear something i shouldnt have " she said "no" i said im pretty sure i heard the B word she said " oh , i was just calling Felix a b*****d he pulled my hair again . I said " ok both of you are on timeout now" then Carleigh pushed Felix and called him a b*****d again he hit his head and was now screaming i lifted him up and told carleigh to go to her room i put ice on his head and sat him on the naughty chair . carleigh always hides before her spankings so i went to find her i found her in her wardrobe i grabbed her arm and sat her on the bed and the timer for felix went off so i went down to him i told him he is now aloud to come out of timeout but he has to go up and say sorry to carleigh this is when i went to check on my other children.Felix came down and said carleigh wasnt in her room i said ok you just watch tv now or play with your toys . i found carleigh behind the counter in the kitchen i walked over to her and she ran so i chased her around the kitchen and i finally caught her and carried her upstairs she was screaming and trying to wriggle out of my arms i threw her on the bed and told her to calm down she did so i stood her up took down her skirt , tights and pants and put her across my knee i slapped her hard with my hand 10 times and used the brush 10 times she was screaming now so i picked her up and hugged her told her i love her and to come down when she is ready i went down stairs to make dinner not long after that my husband came in and said hello to us all and seen carleigh wasnt there he asked wheres carleigh i said she got a spanking he said for what i said she cursed and pushed felix and he whacked his head on the corner of the counter he has a big bump now he called felix over to see his bump and asked does your head hurt he said just a little . christopher then asked how did it happen , felix said i pulled carleighs hair again and mammy said we where both going on to the naughty step so she pushed me and i hurt my head , christopher said ok, buddy just rest your head now . he went up to carleighs door and knocked he said can i come in sweetie she said no get the **** away he went in and said do not dare curse like that she said i can do what ever i like and kicked christopher in the stomach he said you just earned yourself another spanking she said Nooooooooo im sorry please dont he pulled her on his knee she was still bare butt from the last spanking and he gave her 5 hard spanks her bum was really sore now she was bawling her eyes out now he lifted her up and hugged her said he loved her and to come down when she is ready . dinner was ready after christopher changed from his work clothes but carleigh wouldnt come down about a hour later christopher went to check on her she was lying on her bed on her belly rubbing her bum he asked her to come down and say sorry to felix she said not yet he said come on carleigh amanda ill get you dressed into your pyjammas she wouldnt let him put her pants or trousers on it was to sore but he managed to get her school shirt and cardigan off and put on her pjamma top he carried her down stairs like a baby and she said sorry to felix and she came on my lap and i rocked her like a baby she ate her dinner then while i put miles and lilibeth to bed christopher was playing with jasper , felix and vanessa i then came out to help carleigh finish her homework when she was done christopher put the twins to bed and i played with jasper half an hour later i went to check on the twins while christopher put jasper to bed when we came out carleigh was sleeping on the sofa i carried her to bed and put her pants and pjamma trousers on
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Jan 5, 2013