What Wouldhappen If I Was Your Kid???

I always say I'll do them all later And I always talk back to my parents!!!!!! What is the solution ????
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Hmm. I see you are 13-15, so sameage as my daughter. Talking back, lying (which is essentially what you are doing) and not keeping a promise are spanking offences.

Lying is the most serious offence you commit when doing this. I would spank you bare with my hand, then talk to you midway through, before probably either a lighter (but still painful) belting or a paddling, before another talk about dishonesty etc; and not keeping promises. You would probably end up doing an extra chore around the house for a month maybe, to make you still remember to keep it going.

Then, I would punish you for talking back. I take each offence separately. I would probably allow you to go on for a day or two (depending on how you looked after the spanking), when you would be restricted (no computer, TV etc;) and computer, and I'd talk about talking back and disrespect, and get you to write an apology note to the whole family for being disrespectful. When I think you are ready, I would repeat the spanking with the hand (it hurts a lot!) and probably then talk, then use the spoon, then give you a comparatively light spanking with a paddle, all in one sitting.

Both issues (lying and talking back) signal disrespect, which is always bad in our house, and will always merit a spanking.

I would also probably try and set up a routine/timetable for at least three months (not keeping to it would be a light spanking probably) to get you more used to doing things when you say you will, to get the problem solved.

You want to know the solution? The solution is for you to stop talking back and to do what you are told!

If you were my kid you'd learn very quickly that it is in your best interest to behave.

Thanx for ur answer

You are welcome. Add me if you want to talk about it.

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When they act like brats and are disrespectful they got a spanking.

Simple. You act like a child, I would discipline you like a child. Bare bottom spanking with a paddle,

Thanx for ur answer...Did u spanked any other childes???