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Had Enough!

Once I was with my older daughter, Alison. And I got so mad I spanked her butt right of in public. She is 11.
"Honey, how about this one."
"Mom! Heck no!"
And this kept getting worse and worse.
"I hate Red"
That is when I was fed up!!!! I slapped her across the face. She shut up real fast (lol)
"Your sorry butt will be red now. For the last heck of the hour... I am through. hear me, Alison? No more. Thought do I really need to tell you more?" So I went and got a super big hairbrush and a pillow. I motion for her to come in the our store's ladies room (it was a single one so I didn't worry so much) I put the toiletseat down and sat. She climed on. I put the pillow there to muffle her cry(s). I pulled her Nike Shorts down. She squirmed and when her flipflop fell off. I was through! I took it and gave her a spank really hard. I mean really hard. Then took my superlarge hairbrush and spanked her until it was beet red and purple. (lovely shade I think :P) She put her $30 dollar shorts on. And followed me out of my store. My blond hair whipping behind me as I walked.
taylorelisemcrome taylorelisemcrome 22-25, F 2 Responses Jan 10, 2013

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"it was a single one so I didn't worry so much" Worry about what? If you felt you were going to do nothing wrong, why worry? I don't favor spanking as a method of discipline, even though I will acknowledge a parent's right to spank when it's not abusive. But slapping her around like a doll and using an implement instead of your bare hand and discipling an 11-year old because she wasn't crazy about clothes your were picking out? You were RIGHT to worry.

You sound like a great mom, Allison needs to watch her mouth or more of the same will happen ... where is the dad

Thank you! Though sometimes when I look at her red butt I feel so bad! Dad is a lawyer while I run our store in the mall.

Don't feel bad! Her butt should be red if she doesn't watch her mouth. It's a turn on to see a mom in charge of discipline when the kid is out of line, rather than putting up with disrespect

Yes it is. Though her eyes made me almost start tearing.

I know that feeling, but in that situation you simply have to be firm and carry through with the punishment.
I think you dealt with the situation absolutely right.

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