17 Year Old Girl, Detention, And A Wooden Hairbrush

My oldest daughter was sent to the principal's office this afternoon, for being more than 5 minutes late to a class. The school's rules say that less than 5 minutes is a "normal" tardy, but more than 5 minutes is, essentially, skipping class.

For this, she received 2 days of in school detention, and I was called.

When she got home, her and I had a very long talk. I do not like spanking her, especially at her age, but I am willing to do it. 2012 was a pretty good year for her on that front, she was only spanked 3 times. However, 2013 is now getting off to a bad start.

During our talk, she had a bit more attitude than I wanted. That, coupled with the fact that she has been grounded twice in the last couple of months, I decided she needed to be disciplined the "old fashioned" way.

I told her calmly that she needed to go upstairs to her room and fetch me her hairbrush. I sent her on her way with two first smacks to the seat of her skirt. When she got back to me, she had tears in her eyes, but it was far too late for remorse. I gently lowered her panties and turned her across my lap, where she then spent about five minutes getting a very good look at the carpet while having her backside and upper thighs soundly spanked. I ended with 15 hard smacks right across the lowest part of her butt and the top of her thighs. I then held her over my knee until her sobbing slowed down some, and then helped her up into a long hug. I told her I loved her, and that she needed to go up to her room, do her homework, and go to bed. That she was only to leave her bedroom that night to go to the bathroom, and that she was not to use her phone, listen to music, or watch tv. That her computer was for school work only. I gave her another long hug after she was dressed, told her again I loved her, and then sent her up the steps again with a couple more firm hand swats to the seat of her skirt.
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Sounds like a strict school! If I went there I probably would never of graduated. Haha I was always either late to school&a few classes. Or I just skipped school in general. Lol. I only got spanked as a young child. Last time was probably like preschool. I turned out fine. I now have a child of my own & I have never sparked him, he is two and a half. I'm not sure if I believe in spanking or not yet. But I believe that every parent has a different way of parenting and we all have different views & opinions. I couldn't imagine getting spanked bare bottom with a hairbrush...ouch! Hopefully your daughter learned not to be late to class. And hope you don't have to discipline her like that again.

I wish more parents cared like you and take firm action like you do.
Kids would be better behaved and schools would be better because of it.

i wish my mum had been like you loving i got belted a lot and it was just hard discipline to her a job to be done

That was firm and loving discipline at its best. She knows that even at her age rules will be enforced and you love her enough to correct her with the hairbrush. She probably felt like the years were being peeled off as you pulled down her panties and put her otk like a little girl. I could really feel your love for her as you described hugging her after. Will you continue spanking her if needed after she turns 18 or will they definitely end then?

I would rather not, but as long as she's living in my house, there will be rules and consequences if those rules are broken.

good for you mine was 17 when she got her last spanking she then went to university so she was not under my roof but she did turn out ok so the spankings and discipline did work

Its always good to take care of issues firmly.. Corner time might be needed as well.

Most of the time with my older two, I send them to their rooms, not the corner, although there are exceptions. Especially if I think they need to be brought down a peg or two.

i can understand.. thats when a good leather strap helps, and then usually very bare and exposed.