Bed Time

I don't know why, but this week, my 5 year old daughter has decided that bed time is up to her, not me. I've never really had a problem with getting her to go to bed before, she was always very good about it. Suddenly, this week, every night it's been more and more of a struggle.

Usually, all I have to do is tell her to get ready for bed, and she does, and then tell her to go to bed, and she does.

Monday, she was dragging her feet, but no out and out defiance. I let it slide, because it's so rarely a problem with her. Tuesday, I got a little bit of mouth, but one good pop on her behind got her moving.

Wednesday I got more mouth, and I wound up putting her across my knee for about 10 or 15 smacks with my hand on her bare butt. That did the trick for both that night and Thursday.

But, then came Friday night, and she was back to dragging her feet when I told her to get ready for bed. I gave her one good hard swat and told her she was out of warnings. After I helped her finish getting ready for bed, I told her it was time to go to sleep, and she just ignored me. Didn't backtalk, didn't argue, just walked away from me.

Well, that was past the last straw, and I took a moment to compose myself, picked her up, took her downstairs to the kitchen, grabbed my slotted wooden spoon, and I tanned her tiny little butt. After letting her sob for a couple minutes, I moved her from laying across my lap to sitting on it, I gave her a big hug, told I her how much I loved her, but that she needed to listen to me. Then I carried her upstairs to her room, hugged her again, pulled her panties up, tucked her in with a kiss, and left her to cry herself to sleep.

I don't know why all of sudden bedtime became a problem for her this week, but I think I helped her solve that problem. I hope so, anyway.
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good for you i would of blistered her bottom good
children should learn to obey and not have to be told over over again

maybe she needs a later bedtime, i read a study (I don't know how accurate it was) that kids take 20-30 minutes to fall asleep after being put to bed, maybe she's taking longer than that

So how has she been since you wrote this?

She at the age that she want the ins from mother and that a bed time spanking.

i think laid over some pillows panties down and a dozen with the belt would be good for her ask her to thank you after each lick

She's 5. I don't think she needs a belt.

I agree. Five is much too young for the belt. The hand and spoon are plenty at her age.

Yes the belt is for preteens until then moms hand, the wooden spoon and the hair brush are quite sufficient.

I agree...... couple with a lite paddle, MAYBE. Let herstay up15-20 mins. longer see it that helps, if she is cranky in the morning, say " this is why u need to go to sleep earlier".
Sometimes letting them suffer self induced consequences helps them too.

agree with you on that after good belting she can just roll over an go to sleep

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Here's hoping this is just a phase! I was lucky with both our boys, they never had an issue with going to bed at a regular bedtime! Now the 15 yr old is the last one up in our house! LOL

The wooden spoon should do the trick...just seeing my MOm head for the utensil drawer would have gotten me moving!

Well, by the time I headed for the drawer, I had already picked her up and carried her with me. Her butt was doomed by that point.

Well, truth be told, when Mom headed toward the drawer my tail was toast as well. Once she set her mind to spanking then the result was a crimson bottom and lots of tears.

As well it should be.

Yes I always new when my mum or dad was going to give me a spanking, it was painful but I needed it they wouldn't stop till my bottom was red all over then they would make me sit down and that was the worst part, or they would take me in the garden completely naked with a cane for around 1 hour(painful but still deserved it) , the nabours would say that girl needs a good hiding, sometimes they would come over and give me a thrashing again naked they'd do it for 1 maby 2 hours with the belt or cane then take me to the frount garden so I would be humiliated for around half an hour. I'll never forget it my last outdoor spanking was when I was 16 or 17. Some times I still need a good spanking,my mum will not allow bad language and did bend me over the knee when I was 19-20.

So far they are.

Did you ever get a spanking

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