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As everyone knows I live in a DD/HoH marriage and am completely submissive to my Husband/Daddy [well most of the time ;-) ]

We have 2 girls ages 21 and 16 and they are usually great. Well lately my 16 yo has been getting pretty mouthy.

She has announced that she does not wish to become a submissive wife as she feels she needs to be in charge.

Jose has been great and understanding. He told her that she is free to be whatever makes her happy. He says not all men are good leaders and do need to be submissive to a good woman and some women are wonderful leaders and direct their families very well.

He told her while our lifestyle works for us it is not necessarily for everyone. He then explained ALL of the work and responsibility that falls on the master of the house. He told her to give herself time to grow up before she decides what she will be and just be open.

I thought he was wonderful to her, but after he left for work she went off on how she can no longer stand the way I obey Jose. She just berated me for being a "doormat" to a man.
At first I let it go as the rants of a teenage girl trying to figure things out. So I gave her a wide birth. I told her she needed to be respectful and she can think whatever she wants but she needs to remember her place while she lives in our home.

Well my "sweet" child would not back down. She even began yelling at me. I asked her several times to remember who she was speaking to but she just kept going. I warned her she was headed for a spanking and she mocked me.
Finally my patience hit it's limit and I snapped. I turned to her and said Ok Gabby; you want to see a strong woman? You want to see a woman dominating? Here you go! I grabbed Jose's thick Leather strap and walked toward her. She actually snarled at me "yeah right!"

I grabbed her by her waist plopped her over my knee pulled down her jeans and panties and rained down swat after swat after swat. She kicked and screamed but soon settled down and cried hard.

After a few minutes my arm hurt (i don't know how Jose keeps it up for so long) and I stopped. I just let her slide to the floor where she laid crying. After a few minutes I approached her and told her to sit on the couch. I was calm and said to her:

"Let me tell you something little girl, if you want to be treated with respect you need to treat others with respect. Your father at his angriest has Never treated me with the disrespect you just showed. You mock my life? Your dad treats me like his queen and yes I submit to him and that is My choice My gift to him. If you really want to be in charge you had better learn to respect and admire those who would give that gift to you. And don't you ever forget that just as your father has authority over me I have authority over you and will not tolerate that disrespect ever again."

I then sent her to her room. After an hour and a half she came out of her room and hugged me tightly and apologized over and over again. She said she knew she was out of line.

She still thinks she is a domme and maybe she is but she will show respect to all people or deal with this tough mom. I told Jose about it all when he got home and he just hugged me and told me how proud of me he was. I have to admit she's been better and so yeah I am proud of me too. :-)
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I have been writing with Roberta about how the future would be if boys were raised to be heads of households and providers again, as they were long ago and girls were raised to be good wives, and mothers, who didn't have to do everything and weren't overwhelmed with a heavy workload. Where kids had one parent at home in the formative years to give them life values. I don't think anyone won much from the feminist movement except an extra workload, key kids at home and men who no longer are the providers.
I respect how you, as the mother handled that situation and that you are open and proud of the choices you and your hubby made in the way you live.

good for you for spanking her at that age they never are to old proud of you

a firm hand is important. She is lucky you were the only one disciplining her.

Wow! I think you did the right thing. I don't have children but if Did I would have done the same thing. I don't feel like a doormat to my husband at all! My DD relationship works well. I'm respectful to him and in return he is respectful to me! That's just life! If she doesn't want that relationship with her husband that is perfectly okay! But she does need to respect your rules and lifestyle. My parents were both abusive and down right crazy but I wouldn't dare go into Their home and yell and scream at them. (They aren't together anymore but still!)

Good job Mom!!!

I live in a DD/HOH marriage too and my daughter is 17, my son 8. My daughter can have quiet the mouth sometimes but it is nothing that a spanking won't take care of it.

Very well done, most people might rant about child abuse, but sometimes it is like it was for you.

Your explanation to your daughter was fantastic, we couldn't have done or did it any better to anyone who questioned our behavior in the past.

Sixteen year olds are quite a handful at times. I am proud of you for not accepting verbal abuse from her. Too many parents allow them to do as they please and it is not good for them. I know it wasn't easy for you. Good Job

That's awesome! You are a great mom. It's amazing how a little discipline goes a long way..

Epic parenting...dunno about spanking a 16 year old, but honestly within this stories framework I really admire how both of you handelled the situation :)'s hard being the strong mother of a strong child.