Who's In Charge Here

I spank my kids with all kids of things like belts, paddles,brushes, my hand, slippers, cutting boards. It all depends. SometimesI grab the nearest thing and slap them with it to make sure they know who is incharge. But rarely do I go and give them a full heartly spanking. Once, I did. Alison was just going on and on. I was sick and tired so I pulled her on the sofa pushed her butt up in the air. Took textbook and smacked her bootie. I told her I loved her and pulled her over my lap and spanked her with her book some more until her butt was red and purple and her seating area of her butt was dark purple.
She cried in my lap while I rubbed her poor butt.
taylorelisemcrome taylorelisemcrome
22-25, F
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We have two teen boys a both still spanked bare bottom here, would you like to chat?

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You're sick. Go get help child beater.

Good for you

How old are your children?

You have to have a firm hand to raise them right.