Teen Boy Spanked At 13 Bare Bottomed By Camp Director

At 13-years-old, I stood just over five feet tall, about 100 pounds, slender but strong, buffed but not muscle bound, with long, wavy blond hair. I got in trouble at camp. It was an overnight camp. I was training to be a camp aide. I accidentally started a fire in the camp kitchen. It was out in a few minutes and did not destroy anything, but left a stinking smoke odor.

Up to the camp director’s office. He says time for reflection. Time for a paddling. What? Huh? Paddling?

Accident! No one got hurt, nothing destroyed. He says careless and could have burned down entire dinning hall. If I wanted to keep CIT training I’d take a trip over his knee and get my bare-bottomed paddled. With a real paddle! What? Huh? Nude? No way!

He said take the spanking or pack-up and home in the morning. Two minutes later I was dropping my shorts. Underwear down, too. He stared at my swollen member. Holy crap. I had an erection. I couldn’t believe it.

His cold, soggy hand grabbed my behind and he somehow tripped me over his lap. It was all so quick. Except I lay over his fat, beefy lap for what seemed like hours. I was dizzy with my head hanging upside down staring at my dangling legs and sneakers on the other side of the chair. Everything upside down. My rump the highest part of my body.

This old man had quite a view of my naked moon. He put my arms behind my back and held me down. He baby-oiled my cold behind. Said it makes the paddle slap harder. Ouch, already. He oiled my back; said it would relax me. Yeah, right! My swelling member getting harder. Holy crap, Why?

He mumbled something about loyalty and all boys needed a licking every now and then. He commenced paddling me. The first swat stung like 260 wasps stinging. It was forever and then my arse and paddle meet again. Another forever delay and by the fourth swat I could hear myself whimpering in deep pain. I just wanted it over with but the old camp director was taking his time.

He was much practiced. I know I was squirming trying to shake loose. Legs bouncing with every swat. I just wanted to protect my delicate tush. His hold was strong. He said that I needed and deserved the whipping. It would make a better boy out of me. It was an out-of-body experience. Not for my rear-end; it was fiery hot. The camp director later said he spanked me (blistered me) with eight licks of the paddle.

I could just about stand. My *** on fire. My pee-rod still hard. Harder, really. It was stinging. Pull up your shorts. I did. Could not and did not sit down for almost two days. In the nearest bathroom I shook my stinging pee-rod until it exploded.

Never got spanked again!
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What are your feelings about spanking nowadays? Is it stll something arousing you, giving or receiving?

Not into it for pure sexual release. I have spanked my nephews and niece when they were kids. My niece is now 30 years old and nephews mid-30’s. Only spanked niece once when she was maybe 9. The boys however went over my knee, sometimes bare-bottomed from ages 6 to last paddling around age 13 or 14. Had to take care of them in the summertimes and they were a handful. All three kids have kids of their own and seem really happy. No kids of my own.

I got spanked and paddled at least two dozen times from ages 5 to 13. It’s weird but my mom and dad (died when I was 8) NEVER spanked me or hit me. My first remembrance was at age 5 in nursery school. Bare rear, too. It was just one swat from the teacher. I guess it turned me on because I got it so much, huh? A lot of them were from a *********, my 3rd grade teacher, he’d keep me after school and when all the kids were gone tell me that I was naughty, pull down my clothes and bend me across his lap and spank me with a ruler. It wasn’t hard swats and I guess I enjoyed it because at age 9 or 10 I got an erection that he’d tickle. It’s strange thinking about that now. He’d spank me every two weeks or so for nothing other than getting a C- on a test or once for chewing breath mints. Back then you kept quiet about that. I was a real stunning looking kid: blond, curly hair, blue eyes, slender and that’s what those guys look for. He liked another boy, too, and once we got paddled together on naked rears. The other times I got it was from my uncle, but not bare, and it really hurt. Weird, the other times I can remember were all from being at camp, even as young as 6 yrs old. Went to strict day camp and then overnight camp when I was 11. Every summer until I was 14. Maybe that’s what I’ll write about.

i'm confused, you wrote in one of your stories that you had to spank your 10 year old son and now you say you dont have any kids

So you got aroused by being spanked at that time, but its not arousing you nowadays. I got a lot of spankings, no doubt the majority for the sexual pleasure of the spankers ( its so easy to get access to a girs bottom this way). Dont know why I am hooked on spanking so extremely now , while you are not. Interesting !

Sorry for late reply. I have digested this rare circumstance and go through periods of no interest in spankings to obsessive need to talk about it. I actually spearheaded an anti school-spanking law in my home state near 20 years ago. I found that writing about it as if I were being spanked as a young-teen or pre-pube boy is arousing or giving a spanking to same. I was in reality a good, very good-looking boy, and I believe most of the guys who whacked me it was a sex thing and did it lightly enough that while it hurt I never got bruised. Teachers, camp counselors, priests, Some of it deserved, most not. Somehow that was absorbed into my psyche and social convention pushed it into a form of denial. I’ve never been spanked nor have spanked sexual partners. Curious? I guess.

So in fact you were victim of sexual abuse. Sorry about that ! But apparently it had not these terrinible consequences which others suffer of their lifetime, their life in ruins literally. Basically it happened to me also, but relatively late, and I partly, then more and more consented, and dont have any bad feelings about it.

Always associated sexual abuse with penetration (anal & oral), overt fondling, mouth kissing. Those situations never occured except with 3rd grade teacher and he was clever and quick and took me 10 years to realize. He'd tickle around my groin after he whacked me. You're probably correct but most of the spankings were somewhat deserved. I'd enjoy the attention and more so if I was spanked on my naked butt.

Sounds good !

When you spanked your nephews did they get upset that you were doing the spanking and did you still bare their bottom when they were 13 and 14 and spank them with a paddle or belt? What was the last spanking you had to give each nephew and how did the nephews react after the spanking?

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