Paddled My 10 Year Old Nephew; He Deserved And Needed It.


If a boy ever needed a good paddling this was it… (and I dare you to tell me I was wrong)

Jay dumped a gallon of cold water over his little sister’s head. Mary was six years old and Jay was all of ten. I watched this five-second attack from the kitchen window. Andy, all of 13, was as stunned open mouthed as me. I moved rapidly into the cold, winter afternoon and picked up the soaked and freezing little Mary. Jay was aiming the garden hose in our direction. He had already sprayed his little sister. She was soaking wet. It was 30-degrees and cloudy. I moved quickly and got her into the bathroom tub. Andy and I got her wet clothes off. She was literally trembling as I got the hot shower spray going. I told the 13 year old to get his clothes off and get into the warming tub with his sister. She was scared. By the time I departed both were in the filling, hot tub. Safe and warm.

I got the little culprit. Jay was outside the bathroom door. I grabbed his arm and marched him to the basement rec-room. No one said anything. I unbuckled his school trousers, slid them and his underpants, shoes and socks off him like he was a three-year-old. I left him clad only in his school shirt and nothing else. His clothes and shoes clutched in my hands the last thing I said, “I’ll be back with the paddle…stay put.”

Andy was getting dressed as was Mary. I asked the older boy to get the paddle. Both kids gave me an apprehensive look. Andy knew what was next. His little brother was getting a bottom-blistering. I needed to calm. I called my sister.

Oh, no she cried. He’s just a little boy. He’s too young for the paddle. Talk with him, give him some jello and sit him on your lap and he’ll understand. Yeah, babe…he’ll understand. (Jell-o?) I dialed my brother-in-law who advised the razor strap stung best. I got one parental green light, not that I needed it. My sister thought the paddle was some historic wood-work.

Can you believe the kid was watching television like it was just another day. Playing with himself, no less. At 10? Comfortable and laid-back on the couch, naked from the waist down clicking the remote. Andy was with me. I told the older boy to stand back. I picked the disobedient little **** off the couch, and carried him under my arm, found a chair, sat down, and plopped him face down directly atop my left knee. I steadied him, pulled one arm behind his back and held him tightly in place. His little cherub-butt glowing and glistening like the day he was born. Not for long...

Oh, boy, good-God, that first slap could’ve been heard down the street. Pleased, I gave him a ringing, stinging eight more. His naked buttocks were ablaze with honest retribution. I said not a word during this needed paddle-spanking. It took all of 15 seconds to complete this attitude adjustment. He had plenty to say besides ouch. The profanity, the screams, squirming, legs flapping, as his bare-bottom got good and blistered. Done, I stood him up and he doubled over falling to the couch clutching his very stung and very red rear-end. Legs kicking and crying, I left him in to catch-up on his television.

That is exhausting work.

Yeah, this was one definite learning moment.

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Definitely some correction needed. But I have to say, if what you describe is true, I am bit concerned. There is a viciousness present in some of these actions. And him laughing at the spanking to me indicates A) signs of sadism or B) nervousness on his part about the correction. The pony tail cutting/hug incidents make me wonder if there isn't more severe issues going on. I see some things that could indicate severe pathological issues. (specifically
Reactive Attachment Disorder)

You will get no arguement out of me. I just would of paddled longer.

Ouch...more than 15, 20 seconds? he was only 9 if I recall. That little gift-shop paddle stung just as bad as the school paddle. I think I probably only swat him six times, maybe more. You have to be very, very careful when you are angry. I took literary license for the retelling above. This all occured nearly 35 years ago.

no, he was 10. In 1976 he was almost 11.

Sounds like that little brat got off easy. And you were right to take a moment before he got it. That poor little girl. Now, that was cruel for him to do in the freezing cold.

This was not the worst thing he accomplished. Try slashing the neighbor's tires just to watch them "fart" and deflate, or try sneaking up and taking poloroids of his brother ******* off and showing that to my sister? He was a boy of extremes. When he was 11 or 12 he'd still jump on me begging a hug and turn right around and cut his sister's ponytail off. He was the so-called dreaded middle-child. He turned out fine.


As a Preacher's boy, you must have known what this was like multiple times.

he was a good kid, big heart. He'd swipe food and give it out to the bums. Do you spank or what? Wrong to shoplift, right? Good to paddle, of course not. Best to make him work off what he stole and pay the market. Some altercations begged paddling him. So over my knee he'd travel but the swats were just enough only to sting. He'd literally laugh and tell me harder, harder. The dumped water scenario was the only time it reached bad although very much deserved.

I'll write up another story regarding his older brother and when he got a spanking. Quite a few actually. These brothers were hell on wheels, but real good kids.

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