Spanking Execution 2. Siblings Spanked Together.

Becouse our chlidren (8 y/o boy, 6 y/o girl) behaved not very good last time, we decided to give then a nice spanking. After a bath we went gethered them in son's room. My wife made a long speach and I ordered them to kneel at the bed, with thiers bottom top. They were nude, as usually after bath. I took my belt, which I alway use to spanking, and so I started - one hit on boy's bottom, one on girls bottom. Son was brave, but daughter started to cry, so my son took her hand and said " you have to be brave". I was very proud of him.
After all, we let them sleep together.
Spanking execution are our home custom, and I think they works. We think, what same time (after a bath), same place (child room), same postion and tool and the "ritual" makes them less stressful for kids, and more serious.
andrz andrz
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1 Response Mar 25, 2013

I am glad to see you are a parent and discipline your children when they need it. However, I think spanking them at their age on their bare bottom with a belt is a little to much. Bareing their bottom and putting them over your knee and hand spanking them will get the point across. Once they reach preteen age then the belt could be used.