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Homework Spanking


I got an email from my 12 year old step daughters teacher that stated she had 10 missing/incomplete homework assignments that were not turned in. My step daughter has said she would do them on the bus and her mom and I would ask if she had them in her bag to turn in. Seems that was not always the case that she would not put them into her bag but leave them in her desk here at the house.

So she is now grounded for 10 days from her phone, TV, and computer and received a on the panties paddling from me in her room laying on the bed.

Now we will see if she remembers to turn in her assignments

warlords1973 warlords1973 41-45, M 5 Responses Apr 10, 2013

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i agree with the spankings for sure,but you should have your daughter show you her homework each night if not completed anything spnaking

that was the problem we did check them and in some cases even helped her do them they however never made it into the basket for homework

Exactly what I would have done. Paddled for lying was a fair punishment. I lied when I was 15 and got the cane - never did it again. Well I did, when I was 17 and I got caned again.

I understand where you are coming from with this. My daughter used to be the same way she wouldn't do her homework and lie about it and she would have yelling fits. But it was nothing a spanking wouldn't fix. Even now at 17 you can threaten to spank her and she does a complete turn around.

Have you spanked her when she was older? Wife and I have a long going debate about when to stop using spankings, I told her I think it should be a option as long as she lives with us. To be used for something major.

Yes I have. The last time she got spanked was about a week ago. I got a call from the school and my daughter had been asked to go home and change into school appropriate attire, she wore an outfit I told her not to wear to school point blank. it turned out she left but didnt go back. when I asked her about it she lied to me amd kept covering it up. Since she was lying and straight up disobeyed she got her bare bottom spanked.

I plan on spanking as long as she lives in the house it will be a valid option for certain behaviors

Don't make our mistake by giving up too early! You can't then begin again easily.

I usually spank for major offences like straight up lying or disobeying. If she breaka curfew or grades slip or something I will take her phone or car keys or ground her for the weekend. But if that dont work she will get spanked.

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Sounds like it was nicely handled! Be sure to let us know the results in the next few weeks.

I will post more if things change. Normally after a spanking she is good for a while. but with summer time coming up soon it is very hard to tell

It's good to see that there are still parents that believe that a spanking does kids good. Good for you for spanking her and grounding her.

Thank you, Her last spanking was over Thanksgiving. Normally the even hint that it could happen is enough to give her pause. On Monday she had a bit of a time yelling at me and her mom after she couldn't find her house key. So she was told any more yelling at us this week she would get spanked no questions ask. That has been effective. She is a good kid just has times when you wonder if you need to have her taken to see an exorcist. She said she sometimes will start yelling when she gets frustrated so we started a 2 minute rule. If she knows she is yelling she will get 2 minutes to say she is sorry before she gets into trouble.

Do you have yahoo messenger? If so we could talk about some of the spankings you give her if you want to talk about that, or talk about how you administer the spankings to her. My yahoo messenger screen name is windpower456.

daddy2lg is my yahoo

Yes I agree with Carolyn the issue is Lying and she deserved not only a bare bottomed paddling but at least a 1/2 hour in corner time

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