Spanking Cady

I have custody of my 12 year old neice Cady. She lives in my home and is ussually a well behaved child. She makes rather high grades, never talks back, and obeys what I say. She tells me I'm basically her father, and my wife is basicaly her mother. Today though, she was awfull. My wife told her to get her empty plate off the table. Cady told her to shut up. Then she came home from school and gave my wife a "progress report" showing how she was doing. Two lower grades, an 81 and a 79. I got home from work and Merideth (My wife) told me about this and about her being rude this morning. And I confronted Cady about it. "Whats this?" I say, holding up the progress report. "You tell me." she says. "I've made it ckear many times that these kinds of grades are unacceptable for someone like you!" I say. As I said, she usually makes 90's and above and really never talks back.

I told her that it wasn't acceptable, and I said hold on a minute. I turned to merideth and asked what should I do. Merideth said, "spank her little butt. Fill her mouth with soap. Doesnt matter to me" At the word spank, Cady ran upstairs. And I decided to follow. So I went up into her room, grabbed her, pulled down her shorts and panties, and took off my belt. I made her bend over like she was touching her toes. And i said "Cady, I am very dissapointed in you, You need to get your act together." After that, I slapped her butt with my belt a few times. Then, i set it down and raised my hand. She was crying and shrieking now and i told her she had caused this. Then, I spanked her butt and thighs about ten times in total. When I was done, I said stand up, and she stood herself up. She was still crying and I said put your clothes back on. And she did. Then, we both sat down on the bed and she got close to me and said "Im so sorry. I won't do it again." and i told her i hope you learned your lesson. And i rubbed her leg and she smiled and put her head on my shoulder. And then we went back downstairs. She appologized to merideth and then merrideth took her phonr for a week. And then Cady sat down and we told her that her grades were unnaceptable. And we told her I would study with her so she could get them up. Thoughts?
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Apr 15, 2013