I think it is necessary for children to grow up knowing boundaries. When they enter the adult world, they will be more prepared for the realites. I do not like to see children running wild and even telling their parents what they want and demanding this and that. If my children acted like that I would be very embarrassed indeed!
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I'm a 16 year old teenage girl & I mean I love my parents & I know my parents love me . But sometimes I feel like all these rules are keeping me from finding myself . I understand some rules but like I don't get why I can't hang out with who I want to & do what I want

i have just been to a D I Y store and there was 3 kids running around like mad things the mother just said please stop it and behave they just kept going she grabbed one childes arm and tried to tell them off but the child screamed and struggled the mother let go and the child ran off to continue playing. My kids was no angels but they would have got a good spanking if they behaved like that and they knew it so they would not do it in the 1st place

Good job

Good for you!

Well said you sound like a responsible parent, discipline starts at home and helps teach respect