Paddling Him On The Installment Plan

Just last night, I completed my husband's latest punishment in response to his irresponsible use of our household funds. He thinks of himself as a poker stud, a player with a cool game and a poker face to match. The truth is, he loses far more often than not and his so-called buddies just love to see him at the table so he can be relieved of the cash in his wallet.

Recently, he lost 200 bucks in an evening and then had the nerve to come home smelling of too much beer and passing off the loss of money as "just one of those things." I was incensed at his attitude. He is above learning how to play the game with any amount of skill and feels that a big score is always just around the corner.

I had warned him a few times that a paddling was just around the corner if he kept squandering our money. We have a mortgage and bills that must take precedence over his gambling. Wasting $200 in this economy?? I don't think so! Yet the money is lost.

The punishments my husband receives are always tied to his poor behavior. I am his wife and mistress but I do not punish without good reason. Hubby gave me a couple hundred of them and it was time to pay the price. I Informed him that he had earned that paddling that he was warned about. A swat on his bare bottom for every dollar lost seemed perfectly in order. That's right, two hundred stinging smacks! I had indulged him too long and he behaved like a buffoon. Time to make a better man of him by putting some serious wood to his bare behind.

Since this would be too much for a single session, I decided to administer twenty swats at a time. I told my husband to drop his pants and bend over the kitchen table. He pouted about having to take so many swats but I told him that losing that much money so
cavalierly had led to this so he had better drop his drawers and take his punishment like a man or there could be some bonus swats included. Needless to say, that silenced any further dissent and down came his pants and boxers! He bent over, elbows on the table and buns up, ready to receive the benefit of my discipline. I stood behind him at the right distance to bring my paddle, engraved FOR HIM, full force upon his white, curvy cheeks. They did not stay white for long!

At a regular interval so as to let him feel each swat, his punishment was carried out...


A short breather after the first ten gave the opportunity to ask him coolly if he thought his poker playing would improve anytime soon. "You might give some thought to taking a lesson or two before playing with our money again." I giggled. "This qualifies as a lesson, doesn't it?"

Then I delivered the second ten with equal vigor to his blazing bottom. When I was finished, he was a very sore and humble young man indeed, blubbering apologies through a puddle of tears. His butt was a gorgeous crimson and incredibly hot to the touch as I cupped his cheeks in admiration of my own handiwork. I was not moved by his tears and "I'm sorry, I'm sorry!" because I had heard this sort of thing before from him, usually after he had been spanked over my knee with a hairbrush for watching **** or mouthing off to me in front of family and friends.

A full ten sessions later, and with additional punishments reinforcing the lessons such as making him wear a butt plug at work all day, I modestly hope that his attitude toward money and its place in our marriage has been improved. I am a wife that knows her husband well enough to predict that he will be more careful with our funds only under my strict scrutiny. When he acts like a dog, he must be kept on a short leash. My paddle is kept hanging prominently in the closet. He sees it every day and I am sure that he remembers its special use whenever he sits down. As I sometimes say, my husband is growing more mature from the bottom up!

Dee xoxo
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My Way
I was a farm girl from the country when I married my husband. I thought I was pretty naive. He was a city kid and much more sophisticated having been in the war and other countries, while I had barely left my hometown.
Eventually he talked me into spanking him before having great sex. I thought the idea was sick
and told him so, but my ******* were the icing on the cake. Though I was disgusted and angry at the practice, he would leave around spanking cartoons, little narratives, and pictures of OTK situations of men being spanked by women. He would not stop pestering me until I relented and upended him. Over the years I rebelled at turning into one of those girls I called the whippers. My anger and frustrations grew during those years. Because he liked me to spank him I even tried resorting to NOT spanking him just because he liked it. This increased his frustrations; he insuisted I was being selfish and non-loving towards him.
After one night of far too much liquor my eyes awoke in the morning, in more ways than one. I was fuming in anger about his shenanigans the night before. I then made a conscious decision that would change our married life around drastically. I realized my anger and frustrations over the years were caused by his attitude, his potty-mouth, his bouts of rage, and his treatment of my friends and other people when he got on his high horse. I loved this bad boy, but he was turning me into an unloving angry wife. That morning I realized the problem was I was blaming myself. Like most women when confronted, I was soaking up all my anger inside myself. I had to stop thinking I wasn't strong enough to take charge and tame that bad boy I had married. I wouldn't have any problem getting him bare and over my knee; being in that position was his idea from the start. From that morning forward he was about to find out his naked butt was doomed.
His spanking kink and the sexual results were controlled by him as to when he got the urge to be spanked. He would be getting paddled and he would be giving me instructions! He would be rating the stings, he would be telling me where and how to apply the paddle, and generaaly orchastrate his chastisement. When it was over his erections grew long and thick in expectation of his lust. I realized that morning that I had been the foolish one. My anger was mostly from that feeling of being manipulated and not settling anything. My frustrations were resulting from me not asserting myself; nor being mature enough to tame him. I decided I loved him. I decided to keep him and not run away from my marriage. I decided that from now on I was the one in charge and the hell with him. If I needed and wanted to correct him seven days a week, three times a day; I would dot it! I would spank him when I wanted to, where I wanted to, and as long as I wanted to punish him. I would not count the whacks; I would spank and spank and spank him until he was crying and begging me to stop. I intended on spanking him while I lectured him about his potty-mouth. His out-of-control-gambling obsession. His continuous lying to me. His treating me like I was his child. His flirting with younger women. His explosive rages I quell by asking him while spanking him how he can be angry with his bare butt on fire. His bad boy attitude. His superior attitude towards my female friends and his Alpha male attitude towards other men. I was amazed at the list of greviences I had accumulated in my frustration. To make sure he was getting my point, to make sure he was not faking his tears, to make sure he was humiliated and embarassed by my spankings; I would keep on blistering his bottom until I decided he had enough and only after my anger and frustrations were gone.
It's been thirteen years since after that first morning of my taking control. I have been a totally different woman. Our sex life has tripled in intensity; my needs are satisfied first. Our lust and climaxes leave us both dripping and breathless. I am more than ever in love with my husband. I am told by my friends I seem so contented and I know I am happier. To be honest my hubby is just as happy; much more respectful of my use of my 'mallet' as I call it. He acts more like a small boy, than the big strong he-man he thinks he is, when he is over my lap being spanked.
I know now I should have spanked him years ago in my way without putting up with his constant directions. He gets spanked more often now than in the past, because he gets spanked when I decide to paddle him; not when his hormones give him a spanko erection. He knows better than to lie. He used to like me to spank him. Now he admits that afterward when his fiery bottom is cooling down he loves me paddling his bare rump. I do not believe in that prevelent male fantasy of requiring him to call me 'Mistress, Ma'am, or Mommy'; that's infantile in my mind. His respect for me comes from my mallet scorching his bare heiney. Ladies, wake up! You are a damn fool and your own worse enemy if you don't change your life and your husbands by putting him over your knee. There is a huge benefit I achieved after spanking him: I own him completely. I don't fret about other women taking him away from me. You'll also find out your man will never stray from your arms. No other woman will ever hook up with a crying little boy-man with a bottom that glows in the dark. I always laugh out loud when I thiink of him having his pants and shorts taken down by another woman when preparing for illicit lovemaking and having to explain the marks on his bared bottom. It will be hard, if not impossible, for him to maintain his erection-lust with her roaring with laughter at his condition. Have a great time spanking, girls. He might, but you will never, regret your decision to upend him your way.

Took my wife ten years of sex spankings and being frustrated over my potty mouth, gambling, and snarling at her friends and other people to finally have an epiphany. I got wasted in a bar one night ending with her telling me she was leaving for home and I should stop drinking. i told her to go ahead...leave. She announced to me that things were going to change when I got home. I made a joke of it. Be careful what you wish for, guys! When I woke the next day, with an immense hangover, I heard my wife order me to turn over! I then saw her paddle in her hand and a fierce look in her eye. I made a mistake in joking that she didn't know how to punish me without my instructiions. That set her off. "Times have changed, buster! No more topping from the bottom! I will use this mallet [her nickname for her paddle] from now on, not when YOU want it, but when I want to spank you! From now on I will lecture and scold you for your faults and light a fire on your bare bottom until you are begging me to stop and crying real tears. I will keep spanking you until I'm sure you are not faking your tears. No more sex games for you. I will spank you seven days a week if I feel in the mood; maybe twice a day. You won't have anything to say about it! Now, stand up...go to MY bedroom...***** to full bare...and immediately get over my knees! You wanted a got one; an expert about to tan your hide into em-bare-***-ment and humiliation. You'll learn to obey me! You'll remember today, young man. This one time is only an example of what is in store for your arrogent butt in the future, if you don't change your ways."
She was right, for the next thirty years, averaging three times a week, she diligently spanked my bare *** to tears; but she was wrong too. She continued to paddle me more than only one time! The monster I created, at every session, made sure it was as memorable as the last one. My butt is where she kept score. Her motto: 'Bad Boys need it; Good boys deserve it!'

Do you spank him when he is plugged? Adds an unique sensation to the punishment. Should only be given when the sub/maid has been very naughty. Thank you Mistress.

You must swing hard with each swat. My naughty bottom has had OVER 200 swats in one session and i have YEARNED for more

Maybe as a deterrent, you could threaten to start hanging the paddle in the kitchen, in public view. Or is no one privy to your disciplinary arrangement?

I used to be disciplined by my wife in a similar way whenever I had pushed the boundaries too far. A good spanking with her hairbrush with the resultant discomfort of a hot bottom for a couple of hours was worth the benefit of the harmony we enjoyed the rest of the time. However circumstances have changed and my behaviour is being controlled now by my local minister who found out what had gone on in the past and decided to take over the role vacated by my wife after I ran out of control one time. I am once again being well behaved now because of regular weekly visits to his study. It was very embarrassing at first to be bent over his desk to be paddled, not to mention the very acute pain I felt on my bottom as he can be very vigorous with the discipline. He occasionally takes me across his knee and spanks me which he tells me is a salutary experience for me and keeps me in my place which indeed it does. I actually can get more emotionally upset when he deals with me than I used to when my wife was in charge.

i really need that!!!!

We were packing lightly to travel to our summer home and she said with a stern smirk on her face: Don't forget to pack a couple of canes ........honey!!! I started to answer sputtering "But..but" "That's right my dear..... your butt is going to get a good stiping this weekend........I warned you about what would happen if you argued politics with my sister Eileen again." Her sister knows that I'm disciplined often by Linda.She sometimes makes up stories about my offending her.... knowing full well that linda will scorch my bottom.So after a morning at the pool, my wife escorted me to our condo, and had me lower my bathing trunks and lie down on the floor forming a "T" with my body as she sat on a chair. She placed her left foot on the small of my back and brought the cane down forcefully 20 times I then reversed my body and she delivered another 20 strokes.I had to keep my shrieks and yelps in check because the windows were open. But Unbeknownst to me Linda had called Eileen and then put the phone in the speaker mode and I could hear Eileen tittering with laughter with each swish of the cane.The welts were so prominent ,and below the trunk line, that I had to wear sweat pants the whole weekend otherwise people at poolside would see the many stripes behind my thighs.

I admire a lady that administers what her man most needs with a dispassionate skill that imparts a lesson with each stroke and stripe. You should be grateful to have a woman that spares no rod nor effort to write a new chapter of discipline on your bare bottom. If you were mine to train, your pants would come down regularly, young man. You are the recalcitrant type, just the sort I love taking to the woodshed!

We have been married a long time. I have been bad about ignoring my wife for things as simple as where we are going to eat or where we go on vacations. She recommends something and I over rule her. Even down to changing tv channels without asking her. We have a paddle and she has used it 3-4 times in the last year but only gives me 5-6 whacks. I have asked her to be more serious and even do it on a regular schedule. I could see some changes in my actions but I admit I need something forceful and painful enough that I will think every time I am about to open my mouth. We both could benefit from true discipline I wish she realized that. You sound like a woman she could learn from. Very assertive and not afraid to hand out discipline.

We also have a frat paddle hanging prominently in our kitchen. If she is administering a punishment spanking to my bare bottom, its usually two sets of 20... with corner time in between. Each swat is calmly delivered, forcefully and slowly. With cornertime, it usually takes an hour or more.. After the first 20, I'm whimpering and sobbing, while standing in the corner.She ignores my tears , does household chores or she may give herself a pedicure while enjoying the colors of my scorched bottom. Ican't described the horrible feeling that comes over me as I anticipate the 2nd set of horrendous swats on my already tenderized bottom with that frat paddle.They are delivered with out mercy, and she is deaf to my shrieking and pleas for mercy. Afterwards it is another 20 minutes in the corner and I'd better show some contriteness or there will be a 3 rd session. This happened only once...thank goodness. Punishment spankings , mean no sex for at least 2 days.... Whereas Play spankings can mean otk with the spoon ....but I have to give her tongue service first before I release and then I have clean up my mess and she usually releases again. <br />
She usually gets 2 to my 1..........or else!!!!<br />

Try using a strap on after the paddling. I did this to a past guy friend who was a real pig. I cut him off and told him if he wanted any more action he would have to submit to me. He agreed after 7 days of sleeping on the couch. I had him put on a pair of tights and then I burned his butt with 20 hard swats from a large paddle and then I did him with the strap on. I made him take every inch too. I rode him long and hard for 20 minutes. He actually got off from it and wanted me to do it every week. That punishment backfired but it was fun having him be the receiver instead of the giver. I am no longer with him. He was such a pig.

Bravo, Cassy! You showed that bad boy who was boss. I love your style! I frequently take my hubby from behind after paddling him. His butt is mine. Bad boys suddenly get humble when strong women blister their butts and then order them to get on all fours. Buns up, naughty boys!


Nice to hear from a gal that won't take no crap from a guy. I have a lady friend who likes to use a 3 tailed tawse on my bare butt. It stings like hell but I enjoy every stroke she gives me. The sex that follows afterwards between us is very intense.

You mention that the paddle is prominently displayed in the closet. Just guessing that your husband wouldn't want his friends to know that he gets taken over your knee and that you own his backside, so to speak. Maybe you want to display that paddle prominently where your lady friends (at least) and possibly his male friends can appreciate what a strong, lovingly discipline-oriented woman you are. That deterrent, for some people, is enough to effect a change in behavior... or so I have heard. When my mother-in-law was visiting and found the spanking implements in my wife's dresser, that alone wasn't deterrent enough for me. Should have been more prominently stored. Maybe someday I will learn...

Great story, quite a turn on. I love getting spanked or punished by my man

Thanks for the compliment, tonytom. I applaud your wife and hope your pants come down regularly, naughty boy! : p<br />
<br />
Thank you, Daddy. I have a dominant personality but maturity in a man is always appreciated by ladies of whatever desc<x>ription. Beautiful comments! X<br />
<br />

As a rule, I like to see men take the leadership role in their relationships. It seems like there are too few of us that are willing to step up and be the strong male presence that ladies are yearning for. But I also applaud you for disciplining your husband for squandering shared resources. His britches came down for a good reason and I figure he got the paddling he deserved. If he acts more like an adult, that won't need to happen anymore. His butt must have been as red as the two of hearts! Live and learn, young man.

Damn, you are tough! My wife gives some serious blisterings though!

If you really want him to feel the pain, ********** him making him hold your panties to his nose smelling your wet very soiled panties . Make him ***. Repaet exercise until he can't *** again.<br />
Gag him with them, bend him over and spank or paddle him.You will notice a diffrence in the pain he receives.

That is a very creative idea, sexy and dominant with a flourish. I will try it!<br />
<br />
Dee xxoo

Gag him with your soiled panties, making sure they are very wet and smell of your scent before using them.<br />
You can use them when applying the cane.

Gag him with your soiled panties, making sure they are very wet and smell of your scent before using them.<br />
You can use them when applying the cane.

When you purchase a cane and use it,he will really cry out. I would gag him with your soiled panties with the gusset on his tongue.

You can do it to your own little man, Ma'am. Am sure his red *** is yummy too.

Your poor bottom! I wish that I could watch. Yummy!

Goldiggergal, Ma'am, as You can see, woe befall the hapless sub who dares make Ms idamae angry. :) The chastisement would be swift and terrible.

What great creativity on here! And deliciously wicked, too. ; )<br />
<br />

Your husband needs more that just a spanking. He needs a massive dose of humiliiation in front of his friends. No money for seven days, he should be required to wear panties everyday for a week and should be made to take an enema every day for a week. And while he's purging his enema, he should be required to apologize for being such a sissy loser. As a final act, he should be required to kiss the ***, a mad passionate kiss, of all he winners.

ALL men need corporal punishment to keep them in line any Woman reading this try it,get a Paddle or a cane call him into the bedroom tell him his behavior is not acceptable tell him to bend over NOW or he will get it worse, He will comply try it and see!.<br />
I going to get paddled this evening for cussing yesterday,I'm not a wimpy type either I know my Wife is right so I accept her punishment with out questioning her...

Thank you, Toby. I admire your Mistress for understanding what you need and then applying it directly to your bare bottom. I hope a good rectal exam follows, young man. I know your lady loves to see your cheeks spread apart. Your tiny pink back door is the center of her power over you and the epicenter of your submission. Am I right or am I right? ; )<br />
<br />
Dee xxoo

This is a great story,and i hope that your husband is learning from his mistakes. You are certainly a very wise women,and you have shown us that women do think more than men and know the priorities in their lives.I am so lucky to have found a women who thinks and acts like you, I am severely punished for my offences. But i am only allowed a small allowance and must show receipts for my expences or i loose my allowance. Mistress L controls all the finances because as a foolish male i would also waste it also. I have also found that feminization and paddles,crops and a cane will certainly change a disobedient husband. Good Luck

Thank you- It is amazing how a little lipstick, perfume or lingerie can make a grown man shake with fear (giggle)! kisses, sissy jennifer

I may try that, sissie. He would hate it so it must be a powerful punishment. Good idea!

Have you considered panty training your husband? I'll bet that he would even be more humiliated and take his punishments VERY seriously!

You are the second person to suggest that here, Paul. I should visit a little shop near home to check out their inventory. The phrase "sting of the scorpion's tail" has been on my mind for awhile. I could warn my misbehaving husband of it and let him wonder what that means! ; )<br />
<br />

Well done in dealing with your husband. I would like to be in his shoes as I appreciate that husbands need punishment. You may wish to consider using a cane as it is an effective instrument of correction.

For the poker games. We need to double punishment. For beer, too. And do not give her pocket money per week.

I too am jealous of your husband. But I wonder if at some point a spanking becomes a reward rather than a punishment!

That is a nice compliment, Elliptical, thanks!<br />
<br />
Dee xxx

Thank you, Jessica. I try my best, I will say that on my own behalf. ; )

As usual, I would be very willing to swap places with your husband. And making him wear a butt plug all day at work - you are a creative wife and Mistress!

Thank you, T. : )<br />
<br />
Dee xxoo

What a lucky, lucky man. I hope he appreciates it.