I Am Going To Paddle My Hubby Tonight

I told my husband last night that I would paddle him tonight because he needs an attitude adjustment.

When I came home from work yesterday, the kitchen was dirty and supper was not ready. Later in the evening, he was a little mouthy and even raised his voice. It was clear he needed a reminder of his place, so I told that this evening, he would be having a session with the paddle.

He was upset. My paddle is wooden, with holes in it and it provides a very good effect on his bottom and stings quite a bit. This definitely got his attention and he was very obedient the rest of the evening, but I of course still plan to punish him.

I ordered him to be waiting for me in the bedroom when I get home tonight.
BethHamilton BethHamilton
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Good - someone in the house needs to be firm.. I hope it was a session he wont forget.

You did exactly the right thing, my Wife would paddle me if i ever slipped up in housekeeping or having dinner ready.

Yes, you are wise to follow up on your promise to paddle him, even though he had improved his behavior. Just tell him he may apologize After he is punished. And make sure the session is thorough enough so that afterwards, when he apologizes, you can forgive and forget. Until the next indiscretion, of course.

While I strongly disagree with those who say women are smarter or in any other way superior to men, I do know that some of us need to be spanked as punishment for bad behavior, and/or to maintain good behavior. But then, so do some women. It is not a matter of one gender or one individual person being superior to another, it is simply a matter of doing whatever is most effective to promote good behavior, and for many of us spanking is the answer. It is just part of a healthy, loving relationship.

Very impressive... wow! Nice story. I wonder what happened once you got home that night. Almost a year has passed since then. Do you suppose he remembered that lesson until now? ;)

You are very right BethHamilton, My wife is very Young, it is only 6 months that we married, she is already showing signs of dominance, she is very hot tempered, when work is not done according to her high standard she is readily gets angered and has started to slape me on the face.

catherine do you ever bring him here abd allow him to see what you post about him ? :)<br />
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It would be a riot to post then drag him here and make him share adding how much he enjoyed it.

I have punished this morning LOL. In addition to yesterday.

Idamae you are so Correct! I think Women need to Completely Feminize their men, and keep them submissive. The more that men and boys are required to be Feminine and Sweet, the better off women will be. Women are smarter and as Idamae says, can mange money better. Males have screwed matters up for centuries, it is now time for women to take control AND Feminize their males to keep them in their place!

All males need to learn their place. Women are smarter, better educated and can certainly manage money better than a male. Males are well suited to domestic duties. Cleaning, cooking, laundry, child care, these are areas where males can be trained to perform acceptably. If they can overcome their pride, they can be taught how to engage in sexual activity which satisfies a woman.<br />
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Males should be kept in feminine clothing. It keeps them humble and more attractive. Beyond a doubt, males must be subject to physical and verbal discipline. The primary purpose of external testicles is for a woman to hold them securely while the male is disciplined.

The men we must deliver. Even when it's submitted. A little push to the fault. To test their fidelity. And above all keep them at home! Dressed as a girl it is not likely to have intended fickle.<br />
A point by a good spanking. Or with the belt. Remind them that controls the house.<br />

Hi, Beth the warning before punishment is good for the behaviour of hubby. Punishment for rule infringment, improper behaviour, improper house keeping etc. should not always be paddle but there should be change in the instrument of punishment such as whips, face slapping, canning of the soles and palms. It is always good to give punishment after five to 6 days in chastity lock up.

Your husband is very fortunate to have a caring Wife like You who takes an interest in his behavior. Have you considered feminizing him as part of his punishment? curtsy, sissy jennifer

Men need that. My husband will have a long weekend of correction. I must also furnish me a level. Small Ep cahoteries here are the causes.