No Nonsense

When I first met my husband his mother warned me that although he was a decent bloke he could sometimes be impulsive and needed discipline to bring him under control but she had not been physically able to do so since he was about thirteen.
When I raised the subject with him and pointed out that I would not accept the worry he claimed that his mother was exaggerating. 'Fine',I responded, 'But if you let me down there will be no marital relations until you have been punished'
All was fine for a time until one day when he came back from the pub worse for wear when his mother was round. After he slept it off we had a bit of a row with his mother supporting me. I made it clear he must be punished straightaway or I would be off. Ordering him to go up and have a shower to get rid of the alcohol smell I soon followed and took him to the bedroom and made him lean over the bed. 'Don't think this is a game' I said giving his bottom a few light smacks as he started to get an erection. His buttocks looked so inviting I could hardly wait to turn them red.
Taking a leather slipper I gave him six on each cheek and a further six across the middle, seeing them dangle there I couldn't resist giving the back of his testicles a little whack as a coup d grace, no erection then!
As further punishment I made him put on a pair of thongs to cover his front and made him go down so that his mother could see that he had been properly dealt with for spoiling her day and made him stand face to the wall while we discussed his failings and his glowing bottom.
Since then I have found that this always effects an improvement in behaviour for a time so taking the above as a standard I usually give him the option of having a reminder spanking or something much more severe if he slips up. Obviously I retain the option on implements, my favourites being the leather slipper or a wooden spoon,although a cane is very effective for serious offences.
Sore bottom seems to = good husband
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Well slipbottom, it appears you got your own chubby rump cheeks seared by your aunt (she must be pretty old).<br />
<br />
How about telling us about it?

Thank you Slipbottom. That is a very sweet and erotic description - I can imagine your soft smooth cheeks bouncing under Auntie's hands.

While you're punishing hubby (as he deserves) remember that you would also benefit from some strict monitoring yourself.

Thanks for your counsels, that my wife don't need so much, because she applies very well your methods. We were friends growing up, and she witnessed a lot of my maternal spankings, last one when I was 14, so she knows very well how my mom educated and punished me, and she punishes me equal, but more severe, because she uses not only a slipper, she spanks me with a hairbrush and a belt too. My mom knows very well about our domestic discipline, she encourages my wife and witnessed some of my spankings. I know very well that a lot of men we are like children and we need discipline in our lives, and nothing better than a woman's hand (and other implements, of course).

Wow! The first paragraph could have been written about me! My mother also told my Wife about me needing discipline and I also had been last spanked when I was 13.<br />
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Thank you for this story Ma;am. Please do write more.