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When I first met my husband his mother warned me that although he was a decent bloke he could sometimes be impulsive and needed discipline to bring him under control but she had not been physically able to do so since he was about thirteen.
When I raised the subject with him and pointed out that I would not accept the worry he claimed that his mother was exaggerating. 'Fine',I responded, 'But if you let me down there will be no marital relations until you have been punished'
All was fine for a time until one day when he came back from the pub worse for wear when his mother was round. After he slept it off we had a bit of a row with his mother supporting me. I made it clear he must be punished straightaway or I would be off. Ordering him to go up and have a shower to get rid of the alcohol smell I soon followed and took him to the bedroom and made him lean over the bed. 'Don't think this is a game' I said giving his bottom a few light smacks as he started to get an erection. His buttocks looked so inviting I could hardly wait to turn them red.
Taking a leather slipper I gave him six on each cheek and a further six across the middle, seeing them dangle there I couldn't resist giving the back of his testicles a little whack as a coup d grace, no erection then!
As further punishment I made him put on a pair of thongs to cover his front and made him go down so that his mother could see that he had been properly dealt with for spoiling her day and made him stand face to the wall while we discussed his failings and his glowing bottom.
Since then I have found that this always effects an improvement in behaviour for a time so taking the above as a standard I usually give him the option of having a reminder spanking or something much more severe if he slips up. Obviously I retain the option on implements, my favourites being the leather slipper or a wooden spoon,although a cane is very effective for serious offences.
Sore bottom seems to = good husband
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It may be instructive and of interest to know how things stand since recent events.<br />
There has been a marked improvement in my husband who now appreciates the ground rules.<br />
By his behaviour he has lost all rights to his privates which will stay locked away in his chastity belt unless under my strict supervision. His bottom is also forfeit and will receive twice daily correction as a reminder,be it by hand or implement at my discretion, thus will be kept in a permanently sore condition. Should he fail to please or slip up more severe punishment lays in store. Other than the belt , clothes are not allowed indoors without permission.<br />
I have purchased him a basket which is at the foot of the bed, to which he will be confined as and when I see fit, obviously I have a collar and lead to ensure he wont wander when I'm asleep. Tasks are set by me, daily and extra duties as required. Personal services such as my massage do not necessarily mean he will be released.<br />
Having discovered his chubby buttocks are very comfortable on my feet, more so than a cushion,<br />
he will present them as a sort of foot stool when I require.<br />
My aunt is quite satisfied with these arrangements but is concerned that I might let my resolve weaken in time. Thus she thinks it would be best if I present myself to Mrs McG- for proper correction even if it is no longer necessary for her to assume full control. Thereafter aunt could give me a 'reminder' as required.<br />
I am therefore determined to prove to aunt that this is not needed as I have no doubt as to what state my bottom would be in if that lady got her hands on it.<br />
Time will tell.

Following his recent punishment I have noticed an improvement in my husband's attitude.Although by Mrs McG---'s lights he got off lightly I still thought the all over thrashing was too severe and felt my own regime with my new resolve should be given a chance. I had not gone in to any detail about the consequence to myself if Mrs McG--- took over but he seemed to sense that it would mean our separation even within the house and physical punishment for me. Touchingly protective he expressed contrition at putting me in such a position and in promising to reform begged me to allow him to protect me if I felt too intimidated. I was, of course, aware that this could undermine my authority over his bottom of which, at heart, I am quite jealous.<br />
We were due to have tea at my aunts's the day before Mrs McG---'s visit was to end.She was due to pick her husband up from her sister's where he had been undergoing extra training.Knowing she herself had a range of 'tools and instruments' I shuddered to think what this may have entailed.<br />
Given the bad weather I was in a dilemma as to what I should wear.In preference I would have preferred trousers but not only did aunt and I suspect Mrs McG--- disapprove of women so garbed,the tightness of them would have clearly shown the shape of my bottom.As it had already been under Mrs McG---'s scrutiny I had no desire to heighten her clear anticipation at having my bared buttocks at her mercy. I could well imagine the relish with which she would deal with them. In addition,given how my husband had been punished all over and how she had handled my breasts with contempt I could guess that they would get their fair share of similar attention. In the end I elected to be dressed similarly to when my aunt had punished me.<br />
Mrs McG--- was still out shopping when we arrived. My husband being confined to the kitchen and given the chore of polishing the cutlery I was able to have a chat with my aunt.Mrs McG---'s influence on her was obvious and she clearly felt I was wrong not to agree to her taking charge for a month,but reluctantly agreed that I should have the chance to reaffirm my control over my husband. She feared I had not really learnt self control as evidenced by wearing 'that garment' by which she meant the thongs I had on prior to my husband's punishment. I only convinced her by saying it had been for my comfort and proving I was not wearing them in her house.<br />
Following an inspection of my still highly marked husband we agreed that my aunt would monitor progress and would report to Mrs McG--- in a months time.<br />
I could virtually feel that good lady's disappointment and frustration at not gaining control of our respective bottoms, especially mine.<br />
That night,part due to relief and part my self enforced frustration and also rewarding his loyalty I turned him round after removing my dress.Guiding him by a buttock I made him kneel and ask forgiveness for his misdemeanors and make promises as to future conduct. He of course pleaded his love for me and begged that I would give him regular maintenance spankings. I walked around knowing the effect of my stockings and my almost visible bottom and pubic area. Seemingly innocently I gave him a Sharon Stone glimpse,before announcing that I could not bother undressing and he should do it for me.Giving his enclosed scrotum a shake before taking off his chastity belt he asked if he could touch. Warning him that if he did not take care not to pinch the belt would go straight back on, although given his excited state it would have proved difficult. I suggested he thoroughly examine my hooks and catches to avoid this.The real purpose was to ensure that I was in my favourite pose and position when the time came for him to mount me. The details of that, of course, are a private matter,although it was a pleasant change to have my bottom admired rather than assessed for punishment.<br />
Hopefully tranquility may now descend.

There have been further developments since my last posting/reply.<br />
As part of his punishment my husband is made to stand face to the wall by the wardrobe whilst I get ready for bed and it is clear that his imagination is still working despite the chastity belt.He, of course, pleads for forgiveness and the chance to show how much he loves me. Although tempting,there can be no weakening of my resolve whilst my rump continues to show evidence of it's castigation at my aunt's hand.<br />
The other night I became aware that a strap of my nightdress had worked itself off my shoulder.Not too bothered I tried to go back to a deep sleep only to find my husband very slowly and gently trying to lower the front of my nightie.Wondering why he should frustrate himself I felt him ease the key from between my breasts;suddenly turning on the bed light I caught him taking an impression of it on a bar of soap.<br />
Even at that time of night it was clear to me that his intention was to gain relief in schoolboy manner. Although furious I knew he had only the next day to work before having leave so other than making him sleep on the floor at the foot of the bed I refrained from further punishment.He of course knew he was 'For it' the next evening. My mood was not enhanced by my not noticing I had a boob exposed.<br />
By coincidence the next day my aunt called round with the friend,Mrs McG---, I mentioned before.She was indeed a formidable looking woman who reminded me of a shot-putter.As she touched my arm in greeting I could feel she was also very strong.Leading the way I sensed her casting an expert eye over my bottom,the shape of which was quite evident as I was wearing tight leggings.In my mind's eye I could see my buttock wobbling under her strong hand should she have authority over me.<br />
Mrs McG--- said she was willing to offer advice or take charge if I so wished;explaining my new found resolve I said that I wished to try and handle things myself. In part this was because she scared me a little and in any case it would be a fortnight before she could take over. Punishing my husband over the years I had mainly concentrated on the back of the thighs and buttocks and had not gone much beyond what a naughty child might have expected a few generations back.Mrs McG--- was much in advance of this and in truth I was not entirely comfortable with her ideas although recognising my husband could do with a serious punishment.She had the knack of making me feel very junior despite being only a few years older. For instance the accusation that 'You young married women let passion get in the way of good management' was both partly true and rather harsh. Citing the reasons for my aunt confining herself to my bottom she made it clear that if she moved in my husband would sleep on the floor by himself whilst I would be with her so I could be disciplined properly. She also doubted that at her age my aunt could have corrected me efficiently.Aunt protested that she 'still had a good swing' and I explained that my rear was still well marked.<br />
It was suggested that she take charge of the key for the duration so I had to say why I needed it that night.Thus it was decided Mrs McG--- would take charge for the evening despite my reservations,although she had made clear that she never caused any real damage. The key had got caught in my bra, to my surprise she just said'Here' and with one hand followed the chain into my cleavage and with the other yanked a breast out of the way. 'These have got too much freedom.If I take charge they will be properly constrained'. Feeling her firm grip,I fully realised what life would be like if I was to give her a green light and hoped that my husband would realise the consequences after she finished with him.<br />
As I got up to see them out Mrs McG---,clearly focussing on my bottom, asked if I was wearing underwear prompting my aunt to run her hand over my seat. Telling them that I was wearing thongs it was clear they disapproved and expected me to wear something more suitable when they returned. A firm smack on the rump from Mrs McG--- warning me of the consequences if I failed to obey.<br />
Later my husband, expecting me to deal with him, physically blanched when confronted by them later. Mrs McG--- critically examined my previous handiwork and remarked that she preferred an unmarked pair before removing his chastity wear. His release provoked a predictable reaction to which the response was a sharp stroke of the cane to the front and top of his thighs which was clearly designed to catch what was exposed by his aroused state. I really began to feel sorry for him as the cane was applied to his thighs and calves from all angles for a prolonged period before the birch started to descend not only on his buttocks but all over his body. Had I been braver I would have called a halt.When she had finished and they finally left I did what I could to bathe and salve his bruises and explained that if it became necessary for Mrs McG--- to stay with us it would be far worse not only for him but me too. <br />
Of course I still set him some tasks but did give him the reward of seeing the stockings I had changed into and my breasts when we went to bed, although obviously not my bottom. I cannot imagine him risking a repeat meeting with her and I certainly don't want to come under her authority.We shall see.

Well slipbottom, it appears you got your own chubby rump cheeks seared by your aunt (she must be pretty old).<br />
<br />
How about telling us about it?

I'm not entirely sure that you should be concerning yourself with such matters although I have every confidence your partner is quite able to deal with the situation.
My aunt is nearly eighty but still very spry. When my mother became seriously ill when I was 10 we went to live with her just after she became a widow.Whilst making an excellent job of caring for her she also had the responsibility of keeping me in check.Being a headmistress,aunt had plenty of experience in dealing with young girls.
It is very far from the truth to assume aunt was some kind of tartar, having a good sense of fun she expected' her girls' and me in particular to know where to draw the line and take responsibility.
I was thinking about this as I got dressed to see her on the current matter and guessed she would be disappointed in my letting things slip. Having put on my pantie-girdle,adjusting my seams[crooked ones are a sign of sloppiness] I couldn't help but notice the roundness of my constrained cheeks and thinking how long it had been since my aunt had last dealt with them.
As we discussed the matter in hand aunt pointed out, as I should have known, that men and boys think with their privates so they must be controlled if a man is to be responsible., hence the chastity belt idea. Equally , as I had let things slip drastic action was required.As she criticised me for my lack of responsibility and softness in allowing privileges I started to feel guilty.
'Aunt',I stated ,wondering about the consequences for the first time, 'There's no point in your advice unless you have the authority to correct things, else they may slip again.'
This was when aunt mentioned that my husband may benefit from the birch.She assured me that it did no permanent damage but was efficacious.
Looking stern aunt said'I think we should now deal with your laxity and ensure you know your duty in future'
Unlike my husband I know how to take punishment,even so I felt some trepidation and embarrassment at presenting my 50 year old + bottom for correction.Having removed my dress aunt cast a critical eye over my stocking seams,making me glad that my girdle had 4 suspenders per leg. No doubt refreshing her memory she cupped each tightly enclosed buttock in turn,assessing their suitability for punishment. Running her hand over the front where the shadow of my bush was clearly visible she suggested the material was strong enough to constrain my husband until more permanent measures could be taken.
Releasing the suspenders she rolled the girdle up over my full,still smooth cheeks that trembled at both the memory and what was about to happen to them.Aunt agreed with me that it would be bad for discipline if my husband could see I had been taken to task so she agreed to concentrate on my buttocks which could be concealed rather than mark my thighs.
Her hand was not as firm as it had once been but still turned them red as I lay over her knee. After the warm up I touched toes as the hairbrush,applied with full vigour knocked the sloppiness out of my poor bottom.
Having had wall time and a chance for both of us to recover,aunt took me to see some birch rods she had been pickling for a broom to sweep leaves. Showing me how to tie them up,it was clearly desirable that my sore rump gained some experience in their application so aunt applied a dozen for my edification. Later,on inspection,bruised and marked as it was I decided that if I could take it my husband ought to be able to do the same and a bit more. A right fuss he made too, as you already know.

Thank you Slipbottom. That is a very sweet and erotic description - I can imagine your soft smooth cheeks bouncing under Auntie's hands.

While you're punishing hubby (as he deserves) remember that you would also benefit from some strict monitoring yourself.

Certainly there is no further room for laxity,although,as I mentioned,it would be bad for discipline if my husband thought I needed or received correction myself.
My aunt offered to introduce me to a former colleague of hers to monitor events. I gather she is about 5 years older than me, of large build and a reputation for strictness. Apparently she has a reputation for dealing with the male and female bottom in the proper manner.I will consider the matter over the coming weeks.
We are now in receipt of my husband's chastity belt--and he does not like it!!
The model can be viewed in 3d on the web.Effectively in 2 parts it can be purchased to size it is transparent and rigid. Purposely I made sure the section for his sack was a little tight.
It allows him to perform all his bodily functions as normal and caters for hygiene so there is no scope for his pathetic appeals on those grounds. The only difference is that he cannot use an urinal as he has no means of aiming. This certainly keeps him out of pubs and his embarrassment at the thought of colleagues knowing of his constraint will prevent repetition of previous escapades.
I am hopeful that he will quickly learn to control his thoughts now the device is fitted. If he gets excited his part is forced into it's proper down pointing direction so he is in some discomfort until he controls himself.
I hope it is not a sign of weakness on my behalf that I have applied the hair brush vigorously to those guilty buttocks to help him take his mind off unsuitable thoughts. I shall talk this through with my aunt before deciding about her friend.
As he will wear this for some considerable time'[unless severe punishment is required] I will have to be mindful of my own needs which is another area in which I may consult. At the moment the key is on a chain hanging in the forbidden area of my bosom; I suspect it may be necessary to hand it over to either my aunt or her friend to ensure any frustration on my part is vented on the bottom that has caused me so much trouble.

I do hope nixxon has been punished for his impertinence in giving me advice on how to bring a impudent pair of buttocks under control. My husband may get aroused at the sight of my stockings or other items of underwear but I can assure you that by the time I have finished with him sex is the last thing on his dirty mind.<br />
It must be a hormone thing that makes boys and men think they can get away with things, especially if the mistake of showing trust is made. Vigilance and diligence are required at all times.<br />
Recently my husband had to attend a work training week,foolishly I granted permission for him to have a glass of wine with dinner and A drink in the bar afterwards. Later, overhearing some of his colleagues, I learnt that he not only exceeded this but had been 'The life and soul'. There were even some pics of him cavorting like a Chippendale in front of some females with a false willie.<br />
Furious but also wondering where I'd gone wrong I consulted my aunt who had brought me up in the proper way. In trouble myself for laxity she agreed to be present to ensure I was more expert.<br />
You may guess my mood,not only was there the question of his behaviour but the sore bottom I'd been given for my negligence.<br />
Not letting on what I knew, he was ******** for a maintenance spanking when I tied his hands behind his back.My aunt walked in and made herself comfortable for the show as we discussed the fate of his chubby buttocks.Using the hairbrush I insisted on his telling me the truth about that weekend.Howling like a baby it was nearly an hour before the full story emerged.<br />
Having got the truth out of his blistered bottom it was time for punishment. Using the cane not only on that raw rump but on the front and back of his thighs my arm began to ache.<br />
Thinking his ordeal was over while I took a break, his tear stained face was a picture when my aunt produced a birch. Never having used one before my aunt guided me through the procedure as I applied it all over, getting some splendid up strokes as he struggled.<br />
After, to add some humiliation, I gave his already sore testicles some hairbrush time before taping them to each thigh out of harms way. We later dressed him in a pantie girdle which helps control erections and as he has to wear it for work,prevents any more 'Jack the lad' tendencies.<br />
His mother wishes she had thought of it years ago. Meanwhile I have seen some excellent male chastity belts on the net and await delivery. He will be made to wear this as a permanent measure:thus learning that dirty thoughts will lead to discomfort as erections are impossible: it will be too embarrassing for any repeat :his bottom is readily exposed for it's just desserts.<br />
A triple whammy. <br />
I will keep you informed of progress.

Thanks for your counsels, that my wife don't need so much, because she applies very well your methods. We were friends growing up, and she witnessed a lot of my maternal spankings, last one when I was 14, so she knows very well how my mom educated and punished me, and she punishes me equal, but more severe, because she uses not only a slipper, she spanks me with a hairbrush and a belt too. My mom knows very well about our domestic discipline, she encourages my wife and witnessed some of my spankings. I know very well that a lot of men we are like children and we need discipline in our lives, and nothing better than a woman's hand (and other implements, of course).

Wow! The first paragraph could have been written about me! My mother also told my Wife about me needing discipline and I also had been last spanked when I was 13.<br />
<br />
Thank you for this story Ma;am. Please do write more.