My Journey As A Disciplined Husband

I've been married for 28 years now, my wife started spanking me when we were dating but it was always done in foreplay. It had been that way pretty much for 20 odd years, then one day I said to her you should spank for disciplinary reasons not just as foreplay. Our kids had all moved out (away to college about 8-9 years ago.
Now we have a full fledged domestic discipline household. My wife uses the old walmart bath brush and has several of them hanging in strategic places around our house. I get spanked just about everyday and sometimes multiple times in a day. I have chores and am expected to behave around my wife. Any sort of back talk or even raising my voice results in a quick pants pulled down and a standing up paddling. My wife is very strict and she spanks hard for discipline. I've seen FM spanking videos etc and theres nothing even close to how severe my wife is in her spanking of me.
When I back talk it's a lathered bar of soap in my mouth and a trip over her knee.. these are the most painful spankings because I can't help biting down on the soap as I'm spanked. the taste is terrible and easily brings tears rolling down my cheeks. Trust me when I say I never mean to back talk to my wife ever, but sometimes she will say, "Are you back talking me?" No matter how much I refute it she get's in a rage grabs me by the ear and off the the bathroom we go..
Don't get me wrong I absolutely love our lifestyle and wouldn't want it any other way.. Guess that's why we've been together for 28 years.
Anybody else have a DD lifestyle? would love to share experiences. We are NOT BDSMers at all it is strictly DD for us.
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At our condo pool I was getting a little obnoxious after 4 Gin and Tonics . So Linda, asked me to fetch her "Columbian" hard rubber sandal that had accidentally?? slipped of her foot? When I handed it to her, she whispered: "Follow me to the condo Now!" We left on the pretense of making a pitcher of smoothies. In the condo when I arrived she was already sitting in her favorite spanking chair. Without a word she pointed to my bathing trunks and made little circles in the air, meaning that I had to lower them. Long story short,... 80 otk blistering swats on my bottom with the hard rubber sandal. which is Her favorite implement . I was yelping and bawling like a baby. As I lay on the floor babbling, She calmly looked in the mirror and touched up her make- up and said : Bring the smoothies when you recover, and then return here to sleep it off! I napped on my stomach of course. "D"

“1)Spnk D”
“2) Corner time”
“3)Pay bills”
4) “2nd blistering… Poor D.:)
“5)2nd Corner Time”
“6)Make dental appointment”
As you can see L has a to do list : 1) spank me I,e, 40 hard otk swats with the bath brush. I was crying like a baby afterwards.
2) Corner Time (about 30 minutes gave me time to sweat while thinking about the horrifying 2nd scorching to follow on my already tenderized bottom.
3)Pay Bills = about 30 minutes or so…… She commented on the beautiful shade of red she had created on my bottom. “It’s a watermelon color dear” l 4)2nd blistering “Poor me” that’s putting it mildly…I’m lucky I didn’t over spend…… or there would have been a 3rd blistering…. but she joked “Let’s see if we can go a shade darker to the color of a radish”. 5) 2nd corner time 20/30 minutes or until I stopped whimpering 6)She casually made dental appointment oblivious to my sniveling. Afterwards she checked out my bottom and said:” Hmmm I success! “Radish Red”.:) D

How many of you ladies give your man a 2nd blistering because he doesn't show enough contriteness, while he's standing in the corner after the first scorching of his bottom? I always show remorse because the second pummeling is absolutely
unbearable. But.....Heaven help if my wily shows enjoyment! tears and sobbing , and pleas will not stop her from giving me another otk tenderizing......and maybe a 3rd. She says: "You will not enjoy a punishment spanking" and she means it.

We were having a dinner party for 12 people this weekend. My "To Do List" prepared by Linda was as long as my arm. Certain tasks had to be performed daily and at certain times. If Not ......there would be a no "tolerance policy" in effect. Linda was like a drill sergeant in boot camp. She planted canes in every room in the house so when she found an infraction that was not dealt with in a timely manner, I was told to present my nude bottom for a caning on the spot. Linda is a perfectionist and she applies the cane with tremendous force . I received 4 canings almost every day. My bottom was covered in welts The dinner party went really well even though I didn't enjoy sitting throughout the evening. disgraziato

I want a spanking until about the 3rd or 4th swat...then I want it to be over... but Linda prolongs my butt scorching until I'm pleading and yelping in tears. We are talking 50/60 swats with her wooden hairbrush otk. I do not purposely misbehave any more that I'll be spanked. She's learned that if I don't cry during and after a spanking that my behavior will not change. So she locks me in otk with her right leg and pummels and blisters my behind until I beg for mercy.

at our last dinner party I acted boorish and was not punished with a spanking afterwards. But there was no sex for a week because she was very angry. So last night was another dinner party and I was informed that if I wanted sex later.... I must be punished at home before going to the party. It was otk with the bath brush on my bare bottom. Punishment spankings usually consist of two sessions of 40 blistering whacks. But Linda wanted to make sure I behaved so she applied 40 ferocious swats to only" the left cheek" of my bottom. Without altering from cheek to cheek it was like a double dose on one cheek. naturally,I was babbling incoherently in pain afterwards. She told me that if I behaved that night I would still get the 2nd dose later ,but we would have sex afterwards. Either way a 2nd dose was forthcoming! Here's the kicker. During dinner I was sitting on my un-spanked right cheek to ease the throbbing pain of my left cheek. My wife loud enough for all to here said "Sit up straight and chuckled........saying "men are just little boys" No one seemed to catch on but I was embarrassed anyways. I behaved and later that night my right cheek wound up throbbing much like the left cheek.
after 20 minutes of corner time while my wife watched and sniffed and drank her favorite brandy. She is always turned on by the colors of my bottom as I stand in the corner. I was in tremendous pain and yet my wily was exceptionally rigid. she chuckled and we had terrific sex.... with her naturally on top, pounding my bottom into the carpeted floor. It was pain and extasy disgraziato

My corner time is usually about 20 min.. My wife and I have discussed discipline and she know how I adore her for being so strict. She now teases me to get my **** super hard. She usually uses a cigarette and smokes my **** till I'm on the verge of coming then before I *** I'm over the bed getting a severe paddling. Being hard it sends me into sub space which if you have ever been there is wonderful. Corner time follow and there's no release. I have to say love this.

My wife lately likes to give lines after a spanking. She thinks it's so cute that I would write 25 or 50 times "I must not lie to my wife, because it creates distrust" Punishment spankings usually mean no sex afterwards, but if I obediently write lines and show a contriteness, her anger subsides and when I hand her the finished lines, she looks at them and melts like butter in an oven. she grabs me a kisses me and that usually leads to terrific sex. Do any of you guys have to write lines? D

Linda once broke her spanking arm.....and well there were lots of corner times and lots of lines. for about two months. If I wanted sex there as much as 500 lines and 2 hours of corner time and maybe I'd get lucky. She'd naturally be a top.

As I stand in a corner with a pulsating painful bottom caused by her bath brush ,My wife gives herself a pedicure. She likes to admire her handy work on my butt. It usually takes 30 to 40 minutes. I pouted once........ and she gave me a 2nd dose. Sooo I always show remorse and repeatedly say: \"I\'m sorry. I\'m sorry\"\"

THE new formula for a caning is the number from A roll the dice x3 = amount of cane strokes..
I drank too much and in a stupidied manner at the pool !I started staring at the beautiful voluptous valley created in the boosums of the bikini clad young ladies. Linda coralled me and herded me back to the condo,SHE Pulled down my bathing suit and pushed me over the living room ottoman face down . She rolled the Yatsee dice and the number 10 popped up. so it was 10 x 3= 30 stokes on my bare bottom. I HAD WELTS ALMOST A 1/4 INCH HIGH..

I spent too much money on a golf driver and kind of blew my stack when Linda gave me what for.... about it. Well 4 days later she was still fuming and naturally there was no sex during that time. We were travelling to the lake and stopped at our usual rest stop on the tollway. She had packed a picinic lunch and we were eating at a picnic table with very thick bushes in the background. When lunch was finsihed I went to the car and retrieved her favorite 28" cane. She was suprised when I returned and handed her the cane. I then dropped my pants and underwear and put my forearms on the table, with my nude bottom facing the bushes.There were no other people near us. Linda nodded her head and was on her feet and quickly moved behind me. This was late September and about 54 degrees my bottom dreaded what was about to happen.Well, she really laid into me. There were stripes up and down my bottom and real tears were flowing profusely down my cheeks. After 40 very hard strokes she asked me " Do you think I should stop now D?" I grudgingly replied "No Ma'am." She then said: "I agree honey. You're over spending with out my consent, must never happen again! Correct? " Yes, Ma'am. With that she slowly put on her gloves and then very slowly , applied another 40 horrendously painful strokes. She later made me sell the golf club at a $125 loss.

At least every other month I get a punishment spanking with the heavy bath brush otk. Then it's corner time and then again over her knee for another set of 40 blistering whacks. I'm left whimpering and have to do another 20 minutes of corner time. Are any of you guys spanked to tears?

All my wife's spankings finished with me crying like a naughty boy. Only when she notices tears on my face she thinks I have learned my lesson.

I hear you. The next few days after a blistering punishment spanking (PS), my wife thouroughly enjoys watching me sit gingerly, still feeling the pain of her cane. She says quite often "A PS should result in a change of your behavior, for at least few days"

Impromtu wake-up sex in the morning....... is always the best sex. Afterwards I always give her tongue service , cleaning up my mess which usally results in another go -around which means I have to police the area again which results in....
well, I am definetely well spent.......... which happened this last Saurday. But that's the day Linda likes to clean up my demerits, which she has recorded on her lap- top.These are usually punishment spankings and she gets furious when during a blistering if she notices my willy standing at attention. " I don't want you enjoying this spanking! It defeats the purpose: Which is your behavior modification" .So after several go arounds ,she sits on the bed with the bath brush and points to her lap. What followed was two horrendously painfull spanking sessions, with corner time in between. She was delighted that my Johnson showed any appreciation.

After waiting for our children to grow up I started proceedings to divorce D.
Though a good provider, he was arrogant self centered and totally oblivious to my
Needs as a mother and a wife. When he received the divorce papers he was shocked.
He got on his hands and knees and begged me to stay with him. I told him that I had stopped loving him several years earlier.
He started to cry and begged me to stay again. He said he’d guarantee that he’d change. I didn’t know it at the time but he’d been a secret spanko on the internet while I was tending the children and the household. He then presented me with my riding crop that I had as a little girl on my dad’s ranch. He said: “When ever you are displeased with me, apply this to my bare bottom” I didn’t believe him.
So I told him to turn around and bend over and I gave him a few swats and it didn’t seem to hurt him. I then thought about all the years of his selfish behavior and I told him to drop his pants. True to his promise to always try to please me, he did so and I wailed away as hard as I could and had to finally quit because my arm was tired. All along he kept repeating “ I’m so sorry honey, please forgive me”

His bottom was a bloody mess and I was quick to get some antiseptic and apply it and then some lotion. But I was more turned on than ever before in my life. We had sex right there on the kitchen floor. This saved our marriage and resulted in the best sex we’ve ever had together. When he’s misbehaved I beat him ferociously, which makes me very horny. But because he’s been atrociously bad , I now allow him only to give me oral service and not be allowed to release for a minimum of two days. This really works. Otherwise he’d misbehave daily, seeking a spanking and then sex. I’ve since applied detention i.e. his writing lines and kneeling on beans and of course hours of corner time -all of which he really hates but follows my instructions to the letter. Blistering his behind with no sex afterwards has made him an attentive angel of a husband. I love the oral pleasure he gives me because there’s no mess afterwards. He’s really gotten very good at it. So punishment spankings are more often than he’d like.
Mrs. "D"

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An oak paddle is prominently displayed in our kitchen. It is used also for a bread cutting board, It was built by my wife's father who raised her and her 5 brothers utilizing this bottom tenderizer. We've reached the point where at least a couple of times a week my bottom is blistered. She sets up an itinerary for the week and If I don't perform my tasks , my butt is pummled to the tune of 25 whacks. My tasks are written on a black board on the kitchen wall ,right next to the paddle. If the task is not done or even worse ....poorly done, she simply points to my slacks and without saying a word...... she makes little circles in the air and I usually have 15 seconds to unfasten my belt and lower my pants and under wear and grab my ankles. The paddle has a long handle and she uses both hands to deliver ferocious swats.This has happened several times times just before company arrives for dinner. French bread is later placed on the paddle as it becomes a cutting board and brought to the dinner table. My face is beet red in embarassment but my butt is even redder.<br />

My husbands spankings all have to do with his drinking. The last time he actaully drove home drunk and what is worse endangered the lives of 2 other men who were also drunk. He was spanked and then to reinforce my anger I locked up his briefs and he now will wear panties to remind him of the wife he disregarded.

We used to have play spankings and graduated to punishment spankings.(ps) this means no sex for at least two days. Linda says a ps should result in behavior modification immediately. If not usually anohter ps will occur while my bottom is still tenderized result in a lot a yelping by me.after then I try very hard to change my ways.disgraziato

After an otk session of 40 whacks on my bare bottom Linda let me up and then motioned me to sit on her lap. Which I did. She gently scolded me for all my misbehaviors and wiped a tear or two away from my eyes with a hanker chief. She told me how much she loved me and told me how lucky she was to have me for a husband. She continued nurturing me and rubbing her hand gently through my hair telling me over and over how much she loved me.........We were both starting to get aroused and we kissed passionately holding the kiss for a long time. I was still sitting on her lap as we kissed and she turned away. She then had me stand again and motioned me to get over her lap. She then reach again for the bath brush applied a 2nd horrendous blistering. I was screeching and squirming in her lap, and begging for mercy but to know avail. She gave me another 40 fierce swats to the point of me blubbering incoherently. I then fell to the floor, she then helped me up and walked me to the corner. She wiped away my tears again and kissed me passionately on the lips. Then she took my chin and pushed it into the corner and then nudged me so that my nose was right up against the corner, She said " Too bad honey, we could have had a lot of fun tonight making love. Darn it! But rules are rules dear, punishment spanking are never followed by sex"

Same with my wife, spanking Is for punishment, and sex Is pleasure and reward. We have sex, of course, but when and how she wants, and never after a spanking.

I usually get two blisterings with the bath brush with corner time in between

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No, I don't smoke but my wife does. She uses her cigarette sort of as a prop when disciplining me. She doesn't burn me or anything like that. The Smoked59 comes from when she say's she's going to smoke my bottom which is akin to spanking really severely.. the 59 has another origin.<br />
My wife smokes mayber 2-3 cigarettes a day, she smokes More Red 120's as her brand. I think she feels it gives her power.. and I have to say I find it certainly does that.<br />
Hope that satisfies your interest.

Exactly how does she use the cigarette as a prop? After an otk blistering, my wife likes to sip white wine and admire my tenderized, reddened bottom as I whimper in the corner for at least 20 minutes. She confessed that she is turned on by the changing of colors from red to ash to black. She takes pictures because it reminds her of a sunset. How long do you have to stand in a corner?