Wife Punishes With Belt

Yesterday morning I was in the shower when my wife came into the shower room, opened the cuble door and demanded I followed her into the bedroom. As soon as I walked into the room naked she tore me off a ***** for not paying a mail order bill which she had told me to pay and which had nearly doubled due to surcharges. She ordered me to lay face down on the bed and began whipping me with a leather belt, across my legs and buttocks. I didn't count but there must have been 15-20 lashes. Afterwards she told me that she was at the end of her tether with my casual attitude to important things and she was thinking that thrashing me was the only option left. I was somewhat shocked by it all as I have long wished that she would take a harder hand but this had been totally unexpected. In the end I was in pain but also very much in love.
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We have been using spanking as punishment for over ten years. Since Christmas, however, we've been on hold as we had our son move back in for a while. About 2 weeks ago he moved into his own apartment. My wife and I talked and agreed that what I deserved was a spanking for every day for at least a month, due to the number of things I had done or not done during our son's stay. We agreed to a spanking every night for a week. That week was this week.

Each day this week I've arrived home, kissed my wife and changed from business clothes into my jeans. When changed my wife brings me into the bedroom and reminds me of how I have failed to live up to our agreement about housekeeping, which is just cleaning up after myself. She asks me what we agreed to.

I am supposed to answer, "That if I don't do what I'm supposed to, I will have to pull down my pants and underwear and be spanked on the bare bottom."

Next she tells me to pull down my pants. So I pull them down and pull down my underwear and bend over. She spanks hard. After a week, my bottom is bruised and very sore. I cry almost every time she spanks me. But afterwards I feel so close as she hugs and holds me. And we are very happy together.

Nice going! I would like to get to the place where I can do that without being prodded from my husband.

This is how our marriage works also

All of us men need reminded to act our age sometimes. I've received worse, and deserved every bit,

I would love to have a male slave.

I am available

i cant find women that want a male slave,i posted craigslists ads to be a slave,nothing more,to do all chores and follow any order you need,i dont think women understand us at all,we are totally submissives and harmless and totally loyal to our owners and are great housekeepers

I have been strapped by my mother in law. She was strapping me while holding one arm while I was standing and several times the strap wrapped around and struck my front side. She had spanked me over her knee with a hair brush and while they both hurt like hell she clearly had much better aim with the brush. The sensations were very different the strap stung the skin and left red marks while the brush left black and blue bruises that lasted several days.

i have been trying to get my wife to whip me to no success

She told me las night that she has absolutely no regrets about using the belt on me and promised that it will happen again. I am still a little puzzled because she has previously been unwilling to introduce CP into our marriage and shocked herself a few months ago when she slapped the backs of my legs. But she has spent a lot of time with friends recently so it is possible she has seen alternative lifestyles and, being frustrated by some of my behaviour, has decided to introduce physical correction on her own terms. She also promised other "restrictions" but refused to expand on this.

Well pet it seems you are well on your way.

Seems that way. And it's very true that there 's always something to learn. For example, I hadn't realised that my carelessness with a single financial matter would make my wife so angry that she felt there was no other way to punish/correct it.

Good pet, good ! As it should be. Perhaps now you will learn pay more attention to what her needs are.

I'm sure I will

I would make sure you did by perhaps a weekly reminder of your place.

It may yet happen. Certainly my wife took on a different persona when she thrashed me

more important, you became a different person under the belt !

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