I Must Stop Being Lazy

I am still sporting many of the marks from a thrashing which I received nearly two weeks ago when my wife's cane split and drew blood. They have faded but are still recogniseable.
Two days ago, on Sunday evening, I was watching football on the tv when my wife called me. She had been visiting family and was very tired and cranky when she returned home, and the first thing she noticed was the untidy state of the kitchen, which to be fair was spotless when she had left in the morning. I assured her that I was intending to clear up after the match, but she was in no mood for excuses. Once again I was ordered to ***** and then go to the bedroom. She followed a few minutes later and had the cane again. This time though, she did not touch my buttocks, despite commenting on the fading marks.
This time she gave me six stokes across each hand, apparently as punishment for not using them to keep the kitchen tidy! She then gave me twenty strokes to the backs of my thighs, and ordered me to immediately clean and tidy the kitchen while she had a glass of wine and then went to bed. Needless to say I missed the rest of the match on tv. I wondered why she had only caned my legs, but I think I learned the psychology behind it when I went into work yesterday. Wearing suit trousers meant that the backs of my thighs were constantly rubbing against the material, both when sitting and walking, and the tenderness was a reminder for me. And all because I was too lazy to clear up after me.
I am now apprehensive about this evening. When my wife left for work this morning she again pulled me up, this time about pine needles which had been trodden into the house, meaning that I had disobeyed one of the rules about no footwear in the house. Apparently she is going to "deal with" me
this evening.
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Well if you want to put an end to the spankings I would suggest you pay attention to the rules .

But he does not want an end to the spankings. I wish my wife would take me in hand like his does.

Thx Nixxon<br />
My hands were certainly numb for a while and are still tender if I flex my fingers. I think she caned on the hands because that was the way canings were delivered at her (girls only) secondary school. <br />
For myself however, I am learning to check my actions where previously I would not have done.