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There Are Many Ways To Discipline!

I have served many dominant women who have used various methods of discipline. If a woman truly believes in female domination and female superiority than she has no problem in using her man in any way she deems necessary to bring him under her domination. I would like to share a few of these methods .
1. Physical punishment; When done properly a man can be physically brought down and his ego can be reduced to ashes in the privacy of your own bedroom with a whip, paddle, strap, cane, or any other implement of pain  as long as the punishment is administered in a safe and sane environment causing no permanent damage to his naked flesh. The main purpose of giving your lover a good whipping  is to establish your superior authority over him.
2. Sexual denial; Every woman has her favorite sexual trick to get her man hooked; usually oral sex. Sucking him to climax seems to be the best way to get your man to crawl to you just to feel your tongue licking his genitals. No man is worth giving oral pleasure to if he will not swallow his own fluids afterwards in an intimate kiss spitting them back into his mouth kissing him until he swallows all.
3. Worshiping your vagina; Your vagina is your goddess cup for your lover to learn how to please with a tongue. His genitals should be denied entrance at your word and his tongue should forever be at your calling to please you. If you allow him to pleasure you with his genitals if you don't come he must finish with his mouth. Sit before your man naked as he lays prostate kissing your feet making him worship you as the goddess.
4. Controlling the money; Having complete control of the purse strings and only allowing your lover to buy what pleases you and not him gives you all the more power over his hobbies and needless desires to do things without you.
5.Feminizing him;  Making him wear your panties especially after you have worn them. Experiment and make him beg to wear whatever you wish.
6. Strap on Power; If your man refuses to bend over for you and be anally penetrated you zip all of your orifices up tightly deny him the pleasures until he begs for it. Once he learns to serve under you  he will be begging for anal penetration from your strap on.
7. Your word is the Law; Lay down the fact that you are a final word in everything that is said and done in the household or suffer the consequences.
8. Work; He must work harder and longer than you to supply the needs of the household. Your goal is to not work at all.
9 Friends; You're in charge of establishing what friends you  want to have for both of you or for yourself. Your girlfriends are most important  making sure that you show them who is the most important in the relationship, YOU!
10. Other sexual relationships;Depending  on your lifestyle and religious beliefs because of your superior desires as a woman you may wish to take on a lover whether it be male or female. You're sub/male partner is forbidden to have sex with anyone but you and if he does it is punishable by separation and divorce.
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Number nine is also very important. I do not have or wish to have male lovers, but have several female friends who know that gojohnnygo is my slave. They find it very amusing when I have them round for drinks etc and my hubby/slave is forced to wait on them hand and foot. He is naked of course.If he irritates any of them I also allow them to take him to the room with the ceiling hook and punish him. This is something he really hates especially when they ask if they can whip him, which I allow. Maybe I am too cruel allowing this but it teaches him that he must obey the superior sex at all times.They are not allowed sex with him but do torment him sexually which is another form of punisment.

As the wife/mistress of EP member gojohnnygo I totally agree with item one. As my slave he is regularly hung naked from a ceiling hook and whipped with either a small whip and or riding crop.I do not whip him to break the skin or cause injury but it hurts like hell and certainly leaves his back and or backside very red.He knows he is mine to use as I think fit and when I have him hung up and helpless I feel totally in charge. This keeps him very submissive and obedient.He accepts my superiorority and does exactly as he is told. Sex is also great, when I want it and how I want it. Which also pleases him. Not that he would dare to object.

Very well rules for dominant females. Most or all of us husbands and some bf live under some of these rules. Even in the more vinela relationships we guys follow her rules be they written or not. She eventually completely controls us by closing her legs. That is a universal rule that doesn't need to be formalised. After being with our women for awhile we all become somewhat submissive or suffer her consequinces. I personally beg for her authority over me and for her to discepline me because it makes me feel more loved and secure in her loving arms. After thirty yrs. with her I am concerned about her thinking of me as a man but this doesn't really matter because she has learned all my weeknesses and needs to the point where she can use me as she pleases. She can make us feel macho but we all know who is the boss in her bedroom. Any lady after a while can even have better endowed and more verile lovers with stamina that outdoes us pathetically. She knows this and can use it to belittle us and keep us in our places. Publically she might give an outward appearance of being subject to us but only to the extent of which she desires. We know she red line is drawn and know what will happen to our needs if she so warrents. Pleasing my wife and encouraging her to control me are my biggest goals because it is a big turn on for me. She humilates me with my weeknesses causing me to want it even more. Your rules of punishment are right on track with most of us guys. Take number one-I have given her a switch so she will use it when I displease her. She uses it in private either for punishment or when I have really pleased her and she wishes to reward me. Take number two-we all know this is true for us all. I need this most of all but she only allows me some when she desires it herself. I am not allowed to rub on her or bug her about needing some. I can comment my need but I tread lightly on these grounds being carefull not to over do it. She controls my behavior with denial and doesn't have to dress sexy or tease me anymore because I now make sure I am ready to perform when she allows me. Take number four-She has always let me spend our money as I feel approprate, but now I would rather spend it on things she enjoys, not on toys and only man things. Making her happy rewards me with a wonderfull life. Take number five-she buys most of my clothes often with flower or scenic prints on them. Used to be I would never weart these but now I know she likes me to look more cheerfull and her lady friends always complement me on them. I do hand wash all her delicates and do all the laundry. It seems to be it excites me when she has or lets me do the sexsy but nasty sort of things for her. I would wear her soiled panties but she doesn't bother to go through this because she finds it a chore for her. She lets me be submissive to her but not winny like a girl does when in need. Take number six- she doesn't enjoy strap on power because she has many ways to have me submit to her like sucking her finger when she holds it out, kissing her underarms when she holds them up for me to, sometimes she allows me to suckle for long periods or when she really feels kind, lets me lick her butt which I crave. She does, however use her nails on me annaly causing me pain, excitment and her the satisfaction of being able to make me submit to this. Take seven-she always has the last word and if she is serious about a command she merely raises her voice for me to obey her without any reservationa or back talking. Take eight-working around the house is now my duties. She reads while I do the housework which she has almost completely stopped doing. I luv cleaning around her as she reads which I always bring her refreshments and make her feel comfortable and at home. Turns me on to sub to her in this way. I do all the laundry but I luv folding her undies in front of her the same way. I enjoy her working me hard untile I feel her authority over me. Take number nine-she puts up with some of my friends but I know she doesn't think much of them because she points out things she dislikes about them and I don't keep them if she really doesn't accept them. She has many man friends which I enjoy her flirting with or just does things with that they have in common. Take the last one-she has a long time f--- buddy who takes care of her needs when she has enough of my little thing, she calls it, since he is a real man with the equipment to satisfy that need. She so much deserves this. She always lets me know what is going on with them and makes me feel secure about it. She tells me lots of details and I enjoy her teasing me about how he does her so good and always twice moving her around in different positions which she luvs. He treats her with great respect and makes sure I am ok with it which at times she doesn't care if I accept it or not telling me I started it now she is doing as she pleases. Take numbe three-I saved this for last because it is my most needed thing, gives her pleasure and me a sense of security knowing she luvs me for it. I spend much time learning how to please her with my tongue and fingers. I luv to worship her vagina! Some times she uses me for her pleasure telling me to just sit back and enjoy it. I worship her feet so much that she has taught me with her switch how to suck her toes exactly the way she likes it. I adore this when she shows her power over me. I spend much time putting lotion on her feet and legs, usually she makes me before I can go any furthur. If I don't please her than it is a long time before she allows me to enjoy her pleasures. Well, I hope this has been informative. I believe most men with a queed wife does most of these things but they are a way our women control us crave them. Punishment, well some might think so, but enjoyable control is what it is to me. Thanks, please comment. I will elaborate. I luv our lifestyle. There are lots of other things, too!