All Husbands Need Regular Discipline

I discovered discipline and punishment fairly slowly. My husband is a wonderful man, who worships me and takes care of me in a very loving and sincere way. It was after he had been wearing a chastity cage for a few weeks, that he rebelled. I'd been warned that it might happen, so I was prepared. It wasn't a massive rebellion, he just snapped back at me when I gave him instruction on how to load the dishwasher, because, apparently, he already had a lot of experience.
As I said, I was prepared, and even though he immedaitely said sorry, I hauled him over my knee, and started spanking him with my hand. This was my first lesson. It was hurting me almost as much as it was hurting him!
I got him up and sent him to the utility room to get a ping pong bat. Amazingly, he just did it. The bat was much better, and I gave him a good 15mins, until his arse was bright red all over and he was blubbing like a baby.
Since then I've developed my techniques, obtained lots of different implements, and settled into a pattern.
Every weekend, without fail, he gets a maintenance paddling. It's done over my knee, and uses either the bat, a leather paddle, or his leather belt, wound short around my hand. It lasts about 15mins, and he always cries. I vary when I do it, so he never knows what to expect, but he never misses a weekend. I also vary where I do it, I quite often do it with my friends there, which he finds deeply humiliating, especially when I explain to them that he hasn't done anything wrong.
Then there are specific punishments, which may be spontaneous, if I'm really angry, or planned, if I'm feelin coldly cruel. I use some sort of cane, or a whip, or his belt unrolled and long. These punishments last 30 to 45 mins, and reduce him to a wreck. He ends up with terrible welts all over his arse and the backs of his legs, which last for weeks. If he needs punishing within two weeks, I have to punish him in some other way, like whacking his balls or his penis.
I believe that this regime keeps hubby subdued and obediant.

In addition, I absolutely love doing it, and it makes me horny as hell. As a result, hubby always has to use his tongue on me afterwards, unless I've got a date, of course, when my lover gets the benefit. I punish hubby for the tiniest of infractions, because of the pleasure I get from it. 
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Sounds like u really know how to give a good hard spanking Ms,n your husband knows first hand

I am in a wife led marriage. I am spanked as she sees fit. I am not caged or anything and after she spanks me I am never allowed sex or to even pleasure her. A kiss on her cheek and a thank you for spanking me is all I am allowed.

thank you so much for sharing,your life with us,i do enjoy how you *** better from your husbands anguish, i hope for your husbands sake no one gives you the thought of only letting him *** once every other month, then add longer and longer time in chastity.

I have a brilliant idea! Get yourself all dolled up while you have hubby cleaning the house and make sure you wear hubby's favorite stilettos , you know the ones that make your cute little backside sway back and forth as you strut. Then tell hubby that he needs a spanking by you to put you in the right mood for your date because it makes you so damn horny when you do it. After you are done, make hubby bend over and kiss each one of your heels then each one of your *** cheeks then lift up your dress and make him kiss your precious. "Now kiss it goodbye honey, my boyfriend is getting it tonight! And make sure the house is spotless when I get home tomorrow!" Then just before you walk out the door, make him face you and stare at him in your sexiest look and slap him across the face once each way hard and tell him you cannot believe how much he enjoys this! Also mention that it will never stop because you are having such a good time at it! The abuse is so addicting coming from a beautiful woman! Oh and I almost forgot, take him go out to get some locking stilettos for him and make sure they are at least 4 inches high. Make him try them on in the store and take his shoes away and make him walk out of the store in them. Then when you go on dates, that is what he must be wearing when you leave AND when you get home!

Sounds good, I'll put some of your ideas into practise.

You should wear leather gloves when spanking him as if he's anything like me he'd be hard before u start which would hurt his **** in the cage

You are absolutely right, Ms Pampereddiva, that all husbands need maintenance spanking at least once a week! But I must add that all other (i.e. unmarried) men need it, too. I'm so happy that my Mistress has some free time now to care about me in this sphere. For example, last Saturday she paddled and belted me so intensively that then she had to order me to calm before starting retelling her some nice Feddom stories from this site because I was stammering quite noticeably.

Yes, I was including all couples, however, marriage is usually more permanent, and that makes it easier to have long term control. Hubby always says that he loves me even more when I punish him, and that he enjoys the security of knowing he'll get a maintenance paddling every week. Is that your experience?

Ms Pampereddiva, while belting and paddling me my Mistress usually asks me who she is (my Mistress, my owner, Superior woman), who I am (her servant, her slave, inferior creature), what I must do (serve her, obey her as quickly as possible), what happends to slaves who misbehave (they are severely whipped), etc. Becuase of the pain my brian is unable to withstand this thruth and so all this to my own beliefs. Plus if my Mistress is too busy during a weekend and has no time for the maintenance belting/paddling, my buttocke itch and suffer without the usual treatment.