I Discipline

I discipline because it HELPS. Opening up and admitting things which has been done and the feeling of being disciplined for it can make you feel so much better.
Lighter feelings and open thoughts with the feeling of guilt has vanished.

Being directed in the right direction, one can openly focus on what is real and with positive influences.

I have disciplined women for many many years and successfully have changed their life patterns towards a better life. Getting rid of those old pesky thoughts and turning away for your old patterns. Things which one keeps from doing and procrastinating become easier to cope.

I have been able to by pass the hard headiness of some women and get to their inner self to help change their patterns for the better. Yes, it takes time but if the woman is committed to make a change, I am here. I understand some women's (self) special feelings on needed spankings.

Discipline is important in lives as it affects a lot of different things, people, and relationships. One must tear down the walls and working on this sometimes is no easy matter but persistence pays off. Old problems has been engrained in your thoughts and needs to be corrected.

I am here to give you the training and discipline needed to help you. I only work with women but I am located and host in Columbus Ohio.

I Discipline to make your life better.

contact me if I may help you    aspanker@hotmail.com
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2 Responses Jan 6, 2013

I agree. I need that totally consensual stinging spanking that I actually get from another man every month. I leave his house really blistered, crying and contrite. I need that.

I do wish I were closer to you Sir..... I so need training and discipline on a regular basis.