I Discovered A Multi Billion Fraud!


"Here is a story I want to tell everybody how I discovered A Multi Billion Fraud, which is in Euro's (€). 

I worked for a company, well known and very respected, but after a while there were some rumours

that there was something wrong, so I asked and placed a anonymous message on a Forum and within 1 week 

I received several replies and complaints. I received also letters and contracts because of the loans are involved.

are falsified with forged signatures and non-existing partners or persons to gain loans and further more.

The next part will be about the actual names, persons etc, incl. links where you can find more about this Fraud.

Anyone who is curious can read and find out more and spread this and warn about these people and companies

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2 Responses Feb 10, 2010

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Breaking News: RBS and Santander are involved of major Fraud € 37 Billion and 300.000 victims with Comfort Card doing falsified signatures.<br />
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And for Dutch readers: <br />
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Banken RBS en Santander zijn betrokken in Fraude van € 37 Miljard totaal 300.000 gedupeerden met Comfort Card door valse handtekeningen.<br />
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This is where the Fraud started!

What are you going to do now? Watch who you tell ...are you turning this into the authorities?