Placing links about the truth, facts and contracts



A new day, a new part of the story, a link to the contracts and documents are facts of this Multi Billion Euro Fraud.

Total more than € 37 Billion with the Royal Bank of Scotland and Banco Santander with credit facilitator Comfort Card, there are more than 300.000 victims in the Fraud! And just a tip of the

Iceberg. They offered me to stop publishing and want to pay me off:


They asked the correct bank account and we sent the correct one, also informed the authoroties, it's not 

illegal, it's a business proposal, they offered first, incl. agreement and settlement by text messages and mail! 


Dear Mr. XXX XXXX,

The IBAN number seems not working. Name Number XXX XXXX are not working.

Payments went back through IBAN BIC swifter operations Offshore. It seems account is blocked.

Please send us per return the right IBAN and don't publish. Please.

We can not help this delay. Apologies. 360-XXXXXX-78

Fin. Dept. UK Hampshire
Ref.2900 / JK / offshore


We continue as long as it takes until they cancel and abandon all Fraudulent contracts and pay everything back

to the victims incl. ME!




Ref2700Final Ref2700Final
Feb 8, 2010