How I Started

I started when I bought a lingerie set for my wife. It came with a thong which seemed to upset her. She told me that if I liked it so much, why don't I try it on. So I did! I did with the rest of the ensemble. I even shaved my legs for the stockings that came with it. I loved the way those stockings felt against my legs. It felt like fingertips constantly going up and down my legs. I had one of the hardest hard-ons that I can remember that day.
She was shocked that I actually went through with it.
After that, I slowly amassed my own little wardrobe of lingerie after I figured out my own size.
I now have a meager wardrobe of skirts, dresses, and other womens clothing. I find that it doesn't arrouse me nearly as much as that first time anymore. It's almost a sedative for me anymore.
It calms me.
JosetteLaRoc JosetteLaRoc
2 Responses Jan 16, 2013

I dont understand why women would want to give up an extra large c-o-c-k for a guy dressing in lingerie. They would have the best pleasure they ever had letting us dress for them.

for a lot of CDs, particularly as we get a little older, crossdressing becomes more of a wayu to relax or destress. For a lot of us, we get started during puberty. It's usually a very arousing experience then.