The Blooding

A few days ago my tiger cat Geetaa announced his entrance to the house with a deep rowwwll. I continued typing [EP is so addictive] and again he gave me an insistent mmrrrowwwll. Finally I went to see what was so important and then I saw the body - another sparrow!
We (yes, he induced me to join him) played with the corpse, batting it around then pouncing on it like it was still alive. He rolled over with it in his paws and rubbed his head with it. When boredom ensued he loomed over it, bit here and there, licked and sucked its guts in till all that was left was the head. Times like that make me happy I'm the bigger cat. :D

Update 12/23/2012: Geetaa delivered yet another mouse to my doorstep as a present. Makes about 3 mice and a baby rat so far. What a man!
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The vet talked me into talking a little calico who had lost a leg, I have a movie of her with her first mouse. The other 5 showed the proper kitty respect.

I took in a cat [or she me] whose tail had been cut off. One of the lovingest ever. She once swallowed her mouse whole after parading its dead corpse to show me what a trooper she was.

I have one we used to call Dr. Death, never saw a cat who brought in so many mice, she is now 20 and mouse hunting days behind her, she is hard of hearing, her site is poor. She walked up to a pair of my boots and cried to them, and, she has to be feed around 10 times a day, her teeth are gone and she staggers when she walks. So I make her food special and put vitamins in it and take her to the Vet once a week for water under the skin, been doing this over 2 years now.