Cat Never Leave Their Stripes?

I have had a few cats during my adulthood and childhood...
Yes they are predators... Have seen a lot of "Gifts" on the doorstep, porch etc.
One cat dismembered a squirrel and left the good bit to me as a "Gift" the head.
Another use to leave mid size birds like Field fare and sparrows. She use to chew the neck and leave the good bits behind as a gratitude, the body and head.
Yummy just what I want for breakfast =)
One cat have cough a live shrew and played it until it was dead, and the don't evey eat shrew and yet they cough them, weird...
One time I was a the zoo and watched Tigers being fed meat, awesome experience a lot of their behavior as they ate ware most similar to the small domestic cats at home. I was fascinating to watch them eat and being fed...
And different cats have different favorite pray, one like voles, others like birds, other rats and mice.
But what is fascinating is that we have small carnivorous cats at home, just smaller, excellent hunters, and I wouldn't stop them from doing what they love to do either even if I might be disgusted while a cat crushes a meadow voles head in their mouth, but it's there nature. Seeing them and comparing them with wild cats, big ones is also much interesting....

I love my small carnivorous cat =)
31-35, M
Sep 25, 2012