There's Always Something...

It begun with a catchy theme song, an attractive cast, and a dysfunctional family (very much like mine) ; so obviously I'd be pulled in a little. The plot is a little crazy but bear with me. Basically there are two equally intelligent and equally beautiful women who are bothered by their hubbies who enjoy being pains in the ***** constantly. One woman is a successful UC Berkley graduate who has her father's business as her life time job, has a lovely home and almost family, and all of the above--the only issue is that she's a little bit on the prude side when it comes to expressing her sexuality ( not to mention the fact that she's a complete lesbian in secrecy). Her husband wants her to live a little, get off his back, and not be so on the odd side when it comes to having sex. Her opposer is a lady who is pretty much all the opposite ; a gold digging vixen who cares and does nothing better then get stoned and well, have sex ( she's a former **** star) caring about nothing but her shallow designer clothing, big McMansions, and swanky cars  so, her husband's deal is the contrary, he wants his woman to be what his neighbor is which is mature, grounded, well-studied & prepared, and independent. Throughout the entire sitcom these two women are haunted, troubled, exasperated, plus on the verge of going insane because these significant others of theirs won't leave them alone with how much their needs aren't being met. WTF?!! Is all that came to my mind just because if you were to see these women they're your elite A-listers who you'd see right out of a Victoria Secret-meets-Maxim-meets-Gossip Girl catalog with no flaws and no intention to be anything from what you would call being *******...they simply just want to advocate their rights of being women! They compete, cry, beat themselves up over wanting to be each other for no incentive based reason solely just to try to satisfy their partners while trying to not flip out and keep their composer eventually leading them to backstabbing, lying, and emotionally blackmailing each other leading them to the verdict that hot damn THERE JUST ALWAYS HAS TO BE SOMETHING DOESN'T THERE??? I could very much relate. Can you? 

Current Tune - Cracks (Flux Pavillion Remix) by the Freestylers 

Ex Boyfriend / Heartache of the day? - Tall, mysterious, and arrogant Alan Adams (names have been changed due to me trying to be slick and stealth)

Reels On My Reels List?- Jackie Brown (heck yes I want you to check it out!) 

My Sweet Strange Little Addiction(s)?- The smell of cigarettes and acrylic nails combined (mhmm weird I know) 

 I will post more stuff later, hope you liked it.

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