Flesh Is Weak

These things happen, I'm afraid.  You know how it goes.  The old ball and chain is out doing God knows what.  One is alone, preoccupied.  It's clear - the chicken needs choking, the monkey needs spanking, a game of pocket pool is in order, Little Anthony & The Imperials are ready to perform, the Archbishop, once so modest and docile, stands at attention, about to be disgraced.  Flesh is weak. 
ElLagarto ElLagarto
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18 Responses Aug 22, 2007

I keep coming across your "I'll stop when I go color blind" comment. Mr. My is color blind. Guess he found me just in time, eh?

Agreed. And what kind of plausible reason could it give you? That it has a hangnail?

You know you're in trouble when your hand just isn't "in the mood".

Yes, but was it good for you?

"Phoning home" since my **** is almost as big as E.T....

Red hat, but I digress. Hi Brut.

They do kind of look like they have that hat on when they are...being worshipped, don't they? Excellent, El...



Your vote has been recorded - digitally.

I don't feel qualified to assist and strongly suggest initiating an EP Experience Group to do exploratory brainstorming. I'm certain you will get many - shall I say - "colorful" - suggestions. Off the top of my head though, here are a few possibilites.<br />
<br />
Rummaged Through My Purse In Search Of Treasure<br />
<br />
Practiced The Fine Art Of Japanese Flower Arrangement With Exquisite Results<br />
<br />
Spoke to Myself In Sign Language And Ended Up Singing

Thanks. I was told that if I continued in this vein, that is, attempting to pull this off by myself, I would go blind. My response, "How about if I continue doing what I'm doing and stop when I go color-blind?"

"I'm going blind, which is odd, because I'm not even a Catholic." gets my vote for most hilarious quote of the month on EP. I actually developed hiccoughs from laughing so much. Good start to the day:)

Thank you wordgirl. I'd love to offer a lengthy response but writing has become difficult as I've recently pulled a muscle. Or, as the old saying goes, "The one-eyed Kentucky salamander got a big hand from a small audience."

Haven't managed to read the quote in the Avatar, I'm going blind, which is odd, because I'm not even a Catholic. -- Celainn, in Shakespeare's day, puns were considered high art, because they demonstrated the ability to read. Today, however, there is no such thing as a good pun, all puns are equally base, they are either the last act of a desperate comic or the 3rd Act of Henry the 5th, whichever comes first. Or, as Princess Margaret said when asked where she had heard an off-color joke, "At my mother's knee, or some other low joint."

Bravo Slacker! You've symbolized the sensibility of this experience perfectly! You know, there's something about this thread...it's hard to put your finger on it exactly, and yet, if you're looking for a bone of contention, at attention, well look no further, protestations notwithstanding, according to the party of the first part, which is rather the point in the first place, there being no party of the second part in situations of this nature.

I just thought it was a cool picture for this group. :)

Well, under the right circumstances, all protestations notwithstanding, it might be about pud pulling, or, the Defenestration of Prague, but that seems unlikely, given the scarcely concealed suggestiveness. Which reminds me, I'm told that humanity is divided into two groups, those who do, and those who say they don't, and are lying.