Insane Asian Countries Irt Deadliest Roads

I was watching the New Series on the History Channel ... Episode # 1  IRT Deadliest Roads. 

This Series has .... some of the Ice Road Truckers from Alaska and Canada that decided to try out the Deadliest Roads in Delhi to Simla (HIMACHAL PRADESH MOUNTAINS) in the Country of ... INDIA.

I used to get around in the Philippines myself (NAVY 1973, 1975 & PERSONAL January 1999), but when Alex, Lisa and ? This other Guy tried to attempt driving the roads into the Mountains.  It was Chaos and Dangerous.  Most Traffic is Left Driving, but the Driving doesn't have Traffic Rules and the Traffic just goes any which way. They Drive by Horn Blowing. (I suppose they learn it by language?) It's Chaos Driving. I saw this Chaos Driving in the Philippines.  But I was surprised watching this Episode in Delhi to Simla (HIMACHAL PRADESH MOUNTAINS), that it looked identical with vehicles and traffic as I saw it in the Philippines.

Then to hear and learn that they don't make and carve out mountain roads to be Safe. Or Build Bridges to be Safe.  Why where these type's of Asians in these Asian Countries not so Prudent and Sane?

Why do they like living Insane live's like this?  It's an Example to me of Disgusting Human Behavior.
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2 Responses Oct 4, 2010

I was having similar thoughts. But you said it better. I agree.

I think it has to do with two things. Spiritualism is one. Most of their religions believe that nothing can happen to you unless it's god's will. The other is brain chemistry. There are certain types of brain chemistry prone in various races. Many of the asian cultures have a knack for what other cultures perceive as chaos. I'm not sure if it makes anyone better or worse to be organized or chaotic. Perhaps I am the lesser for not being able to perceive order in their chaos. They seem to know how to navigate the chaos swimmingly. If the world survives, if humans survive without a major meltdown, eventually the races will merge into a whole and perhaps be more balanced. But for right now...I will not be driving in asia....ever. LOL I have the same reaction you do. It's disgusting to me.