A Little More Every Day

I have always been disgusted by the fact that humans are their own worst predators.
I am disgusted by people that are amused by others pain. The people that hurt other people to make themselves feel better are pathetic.
I have always been disgusted by pedophiles, rapists, and thrill killers. Even rip off/con artists are some of the lowest forms of life.
Add the fact that there are more and more people shooting up places and you have to wonder what is wrong with our species. As a society we are broken.
Something needs to change or we are doomed as a species. It won't be aliens or zombies, it won't be a "super virus", and it won't be a natural catastrophe that ends us. We will destroy ourselves.
I believe that we are our own worst predators because nature didn't have a natural predator that was big and bad enough to try and keep us in check. So, nature instilled us with aggression and hostility enough to keep us from becoming rampant. However, we don't keep our numbers down we just cause each other damage.
I know that I am lumping the entire species together when not every one is cruel to others. The reason why I do that is because my experience is that there are more of them then there are of "good" people.
lyricaldemise lyricaldemise
41-45, T
Dec 15, 2012