Religion, Race, Age... all the typical bull **** "isms" ignorant people fear, judge, and condemn just need to go away.  i'm so tired of people living in pain as a result of all the differences people perceive make them better or worse than the rest of the world.  We're all just ******* humans - animals with great brains and abilities, but our bodies have drawbacks just like all other species do.

I don't understand why people close themselves off to so much of the world by refusing to change their opinions or re-evaluate something.  I try my best to see and respect people for who they are at whatever moment in time I happen to know them.   Just because someone's overweight today doesn't mean I assume they've been all their life because people change.  It's the narrowminds of the world that hinder such change by being intimidating, discouraging, oblivious, etc. to people who truly are trying to make a difference, even if that means risking their lives by going against society. 

Another problem with narrow-minded people is that they assume their way of living is better than others, which implies that there exists some original correct way to exist.  Nay! i do not believe this.  Why is the sky blue and why are the letters on keyboards arranged as they are?  I don't know, no one does.  Things just are and all we can do is hope that more and more people open up to what life presents.

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or here, better explanation: Blame the typewriter. The first machines in the 19th century did go from A to Z. But this stymied good typists because the most frequently used keys were contiguous. When typists struck, say, the "a" and "b" keys in rapid succession, the spokes carrying those letters often jammed. The solution: separate these and other often-used keys. It was meant to slow people down, but hey we got used to it

Nice. Also, the letters on the keyboard are arranged the way they are because orginally, they were arranged in alphebetical order, but typing ladies kept typing too fast and making mistakes or something... like that?? so they got changed.