For me. I am not an angry person. I tried to avoid this emotion as much as I can. I do like the way people become when they're angry. I don't understand the point of calling names to others. To calling names at people who make mistakes. Why yell when you can have a discussion. When you can work together on the issue at hand? Why belittle yourself and yell and scream when the other person, most likely, is already feeling bad about what happened?

Anger. I fear this emotion. Anger has caused harmed, it has caused hurt feelings, it has caused violence.

I am not a hateful person. It is truly an emotion I just don't understand.

I don't yell. I don't scream. I walk away before anything else. Then I will always come back to talk about it, when emotions have calmed down. I've realized over the years that the emotion of anger is what causes so much hurt. When we learn to walk away in the heat of the moment to calm ourselves down, the conversations will accomplish something. They never do in the heat of the moment other than hurting of one another.

Anger, an emotion I just don't understand.
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Jul 24, 2010