Arrogance is a terrible vice.  Nothing can be done against it.  For the arrogant power is a birthright. 

If they don't have the power, they act as if they do.  When they are in charge, they are cruel and merciless.  Or plain stupid but dangerous and whimsical nevertheless.

Not all powerful are by definition arrogant but power leads to it because the powerless look up at the powerful.

Power in various appearances is part of human nature.  Arrogance is not.  It is a sure sign of lacking awareness.

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6 Responses May 10, 2010

very, very well

Well I try to think of it as a good lesson learnt. At least I learnt something. :D

I'm sorry you were a victim of it...

Fear and intimidation were powerful tools that dude used to get me to do what he wanted. I learnt my lesson well.

Never, ever give in to the arrogant. The ba<x>se of their arrogance is arrogance itself generally...

What you wrote is so true. I had first-hand experience of this. I had to plan for a community project with this guy. It was my first time planning for a project and I wasn't sure of some steps.On the other hand this guy had prior experience. However I'd usually be do the overall plan and he'll just check for mistakes. He'll make these cutting remarks like how stupid I was and whether I'm even serious about this project whenever he finds mistakes in the draft. He even threatened to quit the project once when I told him that he's full of hot air. But the project was important to me so I put up with his behaviour. In retrospect I should have stood up for myself. the memories of the project still leaves a bad taste in my mouth even though its been 6 months.