I Think It Shows Lack Of Character

The two people I've known who were really grossly arrogant were people who knew they had the upper hand in life, and just rubbed it in other people's faces as often as they could. Of course, if they would've actually GAINED the upper hand, their arrogance would have been almost bearable.

One of them was a good-looking girl I knew in high school, who acted as if she was superior to everybody just based on her looks. Granted, she really was beautiful, but her attitude made you almost not notice her looks.
Basically she realized that her looks had power over others, and she abused it as long as she could. Once her looks started to fade, so did her arrogance.

Another girl had connections, and based on that she thought she could treat others like crap, because she knew her father was an important person, and she could never be put in her place.

So, yeah, basically I think low people are arrogant.
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Yep they show a lack of class and also a lack of intellegence! Not to say they arent smart in their field of work. I just say their intellegence is way lacking. They may get ahead ( to a point ) in their company but most probably will have a disasterous personal life.

A lot of priviledged people adopt arrogance as a shield to cover up their own weaknesses. In a way they are kind of like bullies who only pick on physically weaker opponents.<br />
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I know a wealthy fellow who is always dropping names of famous people he has met (famous on a rather local level --- not on the Mel Gibson level .... although I am sure this doofus and Mel Gibson would get along quite well) ... anyway I usually respond by pretending that I have never heard of the person that he is talking about and he gets annoyed and bothers someone else.

This is terrible, however it also shows how we fail as "the rest" that let these people act like this! If not one paid attention to them when they acted like this, not folding or bending over backwards would they still act like that? <br />
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Now someone who has been wronged, I believe perhaps deserve a little time in the "ha ha I was right spotlight" but if we don't bend over backwards for them, would they still do it?