You are rich? Good for you, does not make you a better person.

Intelligent? Does not mean you have the right to point out everyone's mistakes and flaws.

Attractive physically? Again, that is great, but you are not worth more than those the world deems unattractive.

None of these thing make you a worse person either, it is what it is.

But, honestly if you were really confident in your money, intelligence, and looks you would not feel the need to keep reminding everyone how rich, special, or wonderful you are.

It gets irksome listing to someone brag and boast about these things.

Eventually you end up with and audience of one. Even braggarts do not want to listen to other braggarts for very long.
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3 Responses Feb 4, 2016

I'm a little confused. your story makes sense and is good advice. You have the right to like or dislike people or attributes. It is considered great wisdom to let others sing your praises instead of doing it yourself.. but the comments below seem pretty aggressive considering what you wrote. I keep rereading to try to discover what was so offensive or political? Of course at my age brain cells are dying at a rapid rate so I am sure I missed something. lol

Feeling the Bern?

Sanders for President 2016..?

Am 100% w you there ...

Nothing personal, but ''You're fired''.

Bernie Sanders.

*Pulls out drum kit...*
TRUMP-et-eh- bump...Tisssssssssd on the cymbals...

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