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Do You Know This Site Isn'T About You?

Ok so I understand that not every one here is like that but I just don't get some people on this site. Some people here for some reason seem to think that they are soo popular and they deserve all the attention in the world.

For example some people in the question and answer board make it so obvious that they feel they deserve to be loved and looked up to. It makes me sick, but it's really not my place to go and say anything. What would that make me look like? It wouldn't help anything.

The sad part is there have been a lot of people on this site who have thought that I too seek attention. I'm sure each of us in our own way do from time to time there is no question about that but I am not here to be in the center. I am not here for you to love me. I am here to have fun, and to make friends and I appreciate every single one of you. I have made so many good friends here and I am so very blessed.

I guess the point behind this story is some people need to grow up and realize this isn't high school. We are all equals here, no one is above anyone else. Just because we can't see each other doesn't mean you have the right to think you are better then a single sole here. I encourage every single one of you to stop and thinking about that and realize that everyone here has feelings and you are just a person just like everyone else. Stop seeking attention and start enjoying life and the great things this site has to offer.
IamDRock IamDRock 31-35, M 15 Responses Feb 5, 2013

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An accurate observation that. I find it amusing how egotistic some people can be.

Thank you

yes I know

Makes me pukkkke

Nice... I think Heather would approve, too ;-)


Thank you wind! you are too kind to stop by and visit me! :)

Gotta visit D Rock ;-). Really a beautiful message and great reminder.

Thank you very much I appreciate that :) visit me anytime!

I get it... you're addressing everyone except me. *wink* It's our little secret.



Okay. I want to say something like, "Great post." or " You're so right", but all I can think of is, "and?" or "so?" I get the gut feeling that this post is exactly what you are talking about. Everyone wants validation and appreciation. Sometimes we have to just lighten up and enjoy, rather than dissect everything. Most of us recognize pretentiousness when we see it, and most of us are pretentious from time to time, but sometimes the 'pointing out' of pretentiousness is pretentious in itself. I think I know what the man meant when he said, "Trite platitudes".

I think that many lack the humility to do this. So, in turn they have a mask of a superiority complex, because it's easier to put others down, rather than take a long look at themselves.

Damn! Are you trying to tell everyone of us "the world doesn't revolve around you"? Takes awhile for it to set in with some

dont be silly. the world totally revolves around me. and you sometimes.

See that's where your mistaken, this site revolves around you, the real world revolves around me. It's when we forget which world we are in things go to sheet. Hence I stay out of your world lately

The real world revolves around me too. hell, your world revolves around me- unless you're in vegas

Vegas is an Ediez free zone? Been there a bunch and never done much there.

No, it's my world and occasionally I let people join me in it. You can't catch my world, and I won't go to yours

too prissy for Edieland?

Teehee the right people may look at my bum in the wrong way

Who are you people?

Oh...the dude who wrote he story wonders who we are ?!?!? Who is he? Do you think he's cute? I wonder if those are Oakley's he's wearing...

I am a mystery....

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This site is EXACTLY like HS. Much like the workplace is exactly like HS.

I thought some people were more mature in high school?

I'm guilty of constantly trying to make people laugh, and I agree that a lot of people take it to a weird level.

There is nothing wrong with making people laugh. I enjoy it but some just don't get it

Wow sorry I havent read this sooner this is awesome Drock!! I agree with you 1000% Couldn't have said it better my self!! & yes from time to time we all do seek attention. I'm super guilty about it but I don't wanna be the center of attention. & yes some people here do need to grow up & realize this isn't high school. No one is above any one else. Thanks 4 sharing :)

Thank you very much! And yes I agree I'm sure I am guilty of it sometimes too but stuff happens and I feel some people on here do go a bit overboard with needing attention

Yea especially the teens hate to say it but there just looking to be accepted

Yea especially the teens hate to say it but there just looking to be accepted

Yea especially the teens hate to say it but there just looking to be accepted

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Well said I agree with you

i couldnt agree more :) cheers! :)

Thank you!

i want u to know that i am proud of your post,really :)

Really? Why is that?

coz u are not self centered, u care about people, their feelings, their totality as a person. :) and that's rare to find. keep that my friend. God bless you . Cheers! :)

Yes that is true. Thank you very much and God bless you too

u have that heart. keep it beating :)

I will, I promise :)

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Cheese....blenders.....cocaine....Hmmm I am missing something. Eggs. Have some fun.

Cupcakes, pie, socks, and a few others. What are you saying?

Okay, stop talking about me...hehehehehehe

Oh stop you know better :-P

lol, I'm having so much fun with you tonight *giggles*

I'm glad, keep it coming :)