Something I Hate The Most!

I actually hate that.
How can you compare someone to another when we all grow up in different characters? I hate people to see in me someone who they want to see. Or to describe my actions or behave like the behaving of someone else. I have my own good or bad things, something that makes me the way I am.

I've always been compared with my sister. My father always wanted me to be like her. He was always like "why can't you do this like she does? or Why can't you be like she is? She's better than you. You are just not like her and you should learn to be like her!" I've always hated when he did that. Honestly he didn't said that lots of times. But once he said it, than I could see what he was meaning in his eyes every time he looks at me. I can see those words on his face even if he doesn't said that out loud! Actually me and my sister are completely opposite characters. While we grow she was the example for behaving good and I was always the bad example, always the trouble maker..
Thank god I have my mom on my side. She never did this comparing thing! =)

I don't know why people try to see someone else in others... Why can't they just see the person like he is for real? I mean that's the beauty for being different and being SELF...or am I wrong?
zoejaneee zoejaneee
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1 Response Sep 23, 2011

there may be others my age but that is not me or what made me me