A Fir Kwit, With A Clipboard And A Half Assed Idea, From His Boss.

Of all of the stupid ideas that seem to germinate, whenever those who can do a job, get pushed aside to make room for the bean counters and pencil pushers, when Senior Management Team Meetings, appear on your 'agenda', hastily cobbled together, and usually sent by email from some faceless miscreant, when normal people are getting a life outside of work, Micro Management takes the flipping biscuit!
Just what the flux is it?
In my case as section leader (read Deputy Vice Principal of pencil sharpening) to the Engineering department, of a central (but oh so eccentric {engineering joke!}) London College, it meant some ****, in a badly fitting suit, with a clipboard and a shiny new degree (in fashion, or some such 'discipline' closely allied with engineering?) {not knocking degrees, got a few myself, just those that think this is a pedigree, of intelligence, that entitles them to spout utter shy-te, to me} stopping me from doing my job, to tell me ,when the pillock can find our workshop,( I'd have thought that the only building on campus, with a full size wind tunnel model, of a formula one racing car bolted to the wall vertically, with the words "Engineering Labs" emblazoned on its entire flank in blue neon, might just be a clue?) who tells me that "cafe style" layout is best for teaching, but cannot answer when I ask, how am I supposed to move all the welding bays into neat little groups of four, ergo half of my class with their back to me, as I demonstrate and watch them practice argon arc welding?
I had sixteen micro management sessions, before I opted out, in four of these, I pretended that I was Italian, in three I had a V12 jag engine running on a test bed and kept tuning it during our meeting, and on more than three occassions, I got my technician, who was white coated, gloved and begoggled, to tick off from a list of the Buzz words, that were popular with management at that time, and to plot them on a huge graph, as he heard them.
In contrast, my old boss , who understood engineering, built and raced his own motor bikes, would drop by, at a sensible time, ie tea breaks, bearing gifts, eg biscuits or bits of engineering kit, draw up a seat, use it, and ask me (in plain words!) what I needed, what I wanted, and was I happy? tell me what he needed, when he needed it by, and was prepared to wait if this didnt suit, tell me that he was happy with my department, enjoy a tea with me, walk around, ask intelligent questions and then leave me to do my job, but was approachable and available for advice, guidance and a fourth for bridge, if required. Net result, our department had great resources, therefore attracting great students, who were motivated to achieve great successes, we never overspent on our budgets, but got everything we needed, and earned our college vast amounts of money, kudos and free kit!, because we had regular discussions, albeit around the tea table, we were a cohesive and happy team led by a clearly visible and available, capable leader, boss, and decision maker.
He retired, we all got more workload, slashed budgets and starved of resources, because he was replaced by four people! how friggin micro is that! and we got micro managed, until they shut our department.
Cherpee Cherpee
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Hi Caseygee, sounds like you've met some of these Micro,Managing Berks before, where do they grow them, and how did they ever escape the lab, to run amok with our lives?<br />
Please feel free to add further, it is nice to hear sane voices.<br />
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Hi Outercalm, feel free to use the charts, it evolved from a contest our department had, called Buzz Word Bingo, in that the 'word of the week' would be entered on a card, and given a random number, as the Senior Management team (before all this crap started we were just called heads of department) trotted out this crap, the words would be scored and the winner awarded some useful prize. On one famous occassion, my deputy won and leaping to his feet during one of their particulary useless and buzzword rich diatribes, shouted "Bingo" and left to claim his prize, a packet of chocolate biscuits.(The only reason they attended these appalling wastes of time and resources)<br />
Alas when the writing was on the wall, we all took early retirement, the department closed, and the college lost over two million pounds a year, (in the previous year,we turned over{produced} five million, and after salaries, resources overheads and rents, cost under two million) <br />
I have moved to the country and now grow flowers and bitter, and am starting an allied but not too similar business project, and have no intention of being managed by anyone, least of all by a micro, ever again.<br />
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Thanks to you both, Cherpee.

I like the idea of charting the buzz words, might use it myself if you don't mind.<br />
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Did you transfer with the department shut or did you have to find something new?

Steady on Cherpee! Look at it in the light of to-days management style. Your original Boss, (albeit an excellent guy), was a loser. He kept you all happy and the business running perfectly. You gave him Kudos. Now, that is the wrong way to close a department. He didn't have the ability to be a complete dummy with University degrees in management, and no experience of hands on management. It took four of these complete Berks to close the place down.<br />
In this world, there are too many Berks running around letting everyone know how brilliant they are, whilst screwing huge salaries and pension plans out of the system and then blaming the workforce for not pulling their weight. <br />
Stop me here for God's sake. I will go on all night, even though it is now 9.0am