Ex Girlfriend Contacts Me

So, as the title states I had an ex-girlfriend from nearly 6 years ago get in contact with me the other day.  She said how much she missed me and how much she had thought about me over the years.  I did do some negative talking about a friend because I had some qualms to release of my chest, but I know I should just hold my tongue.  So, we talked on the phone and caught up with were we had been in the last five years and how we are doing now.  We decided to get together this weekend (which has been canceled because of what I will tell soon), but thought it would be a good idea to see each other before we did so.  So, I stopped by her work and we talked for a while. 

Well, after I left she stopped talking to me.  She found the information that she was looking for and that was whether or not a friend of my were still friends or not.  She only got in contact with me to get in contact with him.  I am not upset with this, I mean I understand, but I don't like being buttered up and told that we might have a future only to find out that she only talked to me to get with my friend.

She played me just so she could get his information.  I wish she would have been honest up front.  I would not have had a problem with it.  I am over her and to tell you the truth I don't even remember how I felt about her, but now I know that I shouldn't trust her.

What makes things worse is she talked **** about me and told my friend things I didn't say or made things I did say a lot worse than what they were.  She was trying to create drama in my life and that is the last thing I want. 

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No one likes being played. I've had a similar experience, I am 'friends' with someone who likes to butter people up just to ask them for a simple favor. Is it so hard just to ask that they are afraid they won't get an answer or you won't help them out? Their methods might indicate how insecure they are.