OOoh This Is a Gripe of Mine

First of all- they are not 'bad' words, they are words, just the same as any other, made up from the same alphabet, but society has deemed this additional controversy to them over the years and evolution of language.

There is no such things as bad language, there is limited vocabulary, yes, but each word has had an evolution of its own within the history of language.

Secondly, yes, if you don't like swearing fair enough, but don't wait until i am not swearing, which actually is often, and then start telling me how you hate swearing and people who swear.  Hatred and intolerance is darker than swearing.

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12 Responses Mar 9, 2009

Kinda reminds me of the joke I heard this morn. <br />
Husband: ME and my wife got into a fight the other night and I called her a *****. She punched me, and I didn't see her for three days! Then FINALLY this morning my swollen eye opened JUST enough to barely see her! ;)

If someone told me off for swearing, I'd tell them to go **** themselves. That's just silly. If you don't like my language, simply put your fingers in your ears and go LALALALALALALALALA.

you said it in this post... I do think these words would be used just as much because it is so easy and popular to use. It isn't hated as much as you think it is. The old generation is a dying breed and so are their morals. Words have the meaning we each give to them. If you say taco's for dinner i will deem that word good and i want. If you say a nasty food is for dinner i will be damn that sucks and that word will be bad. <br />
<br />
All words have meaning. Some bad some good. It depends on the meaning we give to them. to say there are no bad words or good words is just wrong because everyone is different, but most people don't think for them selves and just gives into what society says is write and wrong.

Yeah.... he wont use his ******* tray .. I hate that when they dont use their fuc............

If there are no bad words then there are no good words. You can't have good with out evil. They need each other to exist. If bad words lost the meaning society gave them, then telling your child you loved him would be just as meaningless. <br />
<br />
and i still have no idea what you said to me before that was way confusing.

yes dont make me angry. you wouldnt like me when i am angry...

Dont **** of the cat .... for ***** sake ......


Dont swear in front of the ******* cat ..... :o)

I never ******* cuss

so now you know i am hateful and intolerant so you agree i am dark and bad!

i hate swearing and i am 100% intolerant of it old one!