Especially When I Earn The Right To Be Upset Fair And Square

I have been told to calm down usually by people that are stupid and havent experienced the thing im going through. Like when something serious happens i am entitled to my goddamned reaction especially when its rightfully earned!
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I would love to encourage you

exslut, do you feel manipulated when someone tells you to "calm down"? i think that's why i get so mad at them.

aurora, I totally hate feeling guilty and upset. I also hate brainstorming what I will say to someone that I didnt hurt enough~! theres no winning! degrated, Thats what my mom does! she will always just yell first and saying "calm down" is the only way that she gets me on her bitchy level!

it's true, "calm down" is a command more for the sayer than the listener. it usually only ****** off the person who is meant to be soothed.<br />
but really, i lose it now and again, and i always regret it. i yelled at a relative yesterday over something serious they said, and though i was not wrong, and it blew over the situation, i had trouble sleeping for the regret and guilt and wishing i had calmed the **** down! as one gets older with more responsibility and respect, not calming down has greater consequences, alas.

alot of people use "calm down" as a way to dodge being responsible for an action they did or to tell you to "shut up" in other words. rude

LOL, honeybit!<br />
<br />
I dislike it even if it is not a matter of life and death. It's just my way to vent, yelling and exaggerating about things - just to get things out of my system. Later on, the guys and I will just have a laugh about how I blew my top off.<br />
<br />
When people tell others to calm down, it's like they're telling the one who's upset she or he has no right to feel upset. Ugh.

calm down<br />
(just kidding)