I've dealt with psych issues most of my life, and "You need to calm down" is right up there on the top 10 list of things I heard growing up. 

But frankly, there are times that I was upset for good reason, and people just saw my psych profile and ignored the words.  "Calm down, Moss.  He's a preacher, you're making things up."  "Calm down, it's just your family visiting, there is no reason to be so upset."  "Calm down, they were just trying to help."

And in all of those cases, I tried to explain WHY I was upset, they just didn't listen.

So now, I stay calm...even when it tears my stomach to shreds.  If I'm not listened to by people who can (in theory) help fix the problem, I'll fix it myself.

I stay calm.

I am a very good actress.
MossAgate MossAgate
31-35, F
Aug 10, 2010