I Will Not Calm Down!

When I'm upset or angry, I want to vent. I don't want someone telling me to calm down. I am feeling what I am feeling. You aren't going to stop these strong feelings just by telling me to calm down. I hate when the person that upsets you tells you to calm down. Who do they think they are? Maybe if they had kept their mouth shut in the first place it wouldn't have happened. Or when I'm really hyper and excited, do NOT try to ruin it for me by telling me to calm down. I am having fun, you should not try to take that away from me. And when they say it in that tone of voice, like you are a weirdo or a monster, that REALLY grates my nerves. Writing this thing has riled me up, and I am NOT gonna calm down because I choose not to. Don't tell me what to do in that way. Or you will make me crazier

yisrael yisrael
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2 Responses Feb 23, 2009

I try not to do it, unless they get violent and destructive. Nobody should tell us how to feel or act. We have feelings for a reason. I know exactly what you mean

Let out your emotions. That's what they were made for, not for being bottled up. Just make sure you control them to the extent that you don't destroy everything in your path with excitement ;) When you're feeling calm, then you'll act calm! People telling me to calm down gets on my nerves too. If I'm mad, it just makes me madder because they sound so...so maddening! I bet I've probably done it a few times to others even though I don't remember and here I am complaining about it lol.