Want To Leave My Own Home...

My wife and I invited a good old friend of ours from Morocco to stay with us for a week. We don't have kids. We knew him as a single person--he's come to visit us now with his wife and four-year-old daughter. Now, she is ostensibly sweet, cute, all the usual stupid kid stuff, but I am ******* angry that I am under siege in my own home. I really wish this kid would **** off. I like the parents, but find it nearly impossible to have a relationship with them with this little parasite being in my face. You know--the intelligent conversation that is impossible because the little ****** is a goddamned attention black hole and they just won't say "shut up." I've found myself taking or making any excuse to get out of the house, because when I am here, she seems to follow me around and babble inanities and gets into whatever **** I am working on. I know she wants attention and this just makes me more resistant about giving any. The worst part is that she doesn't speak English and the parents don't really seem to discipline her. The wee **** needs to get her hands on everything. Anything electronic in this house has been switched on-and-off 100 times. All chairs now have some sort of unidentifiable smeared stuff on them. The mini-merde actually woke me up from a nap today; just for sport, no real reason, except that she probably gets that I can't stand her. I guess anyone with kids will tell me this is what kids do. We chose not to have any, and this is the best reminder of why I don't have/want them. I'm a writer who likes quiet, order and space--I've endeavored to make an enjoyable haven for myself and this petit shithead has unravelled this respite for the last 7 days.

They are leaving tomorrow. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Goodbye, old friend, maybe I'll see you in many years to come.

Sorry all other friends we once knew, don't bring your kids to our house because you, too, have lost all objectivity about how your bio blob is a HUGE IMPOSITION ON OTHERS. If you were here you would take the societal tack that I must be sick for not liking children; even though your helicopter-parenting-demented bastard probably decided to see if my laptop needed a drink from his sippy cup.

dadaloplop dadaloplop
Aug 1, 2010