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Constant Complaining

Now I mean the constant complainers. I'm not talking about the little "I have my period I'm crampy and feel pretty crappy" complainers. Or the "it's nasty weather I wish I could go outside and play" complainers or the  "**** it's monday" complainers. I know we all have complaints, hell I have my share. I am here to lend an ear, shoulder or tissue (keep the tissue) for those types and will be happy to jump into the complaining pool. I am talking about those who complain about everything all the time. Nothing can make them happy except complaining it seems. I tend to back away from those types, I just get irritated if they're not going to do anything about it i.e. fix the problem... then don't expect continued sympathy from me.
whisperingsunshine whisperingsunshine 31-35, F 30 Responses Feb 15, 2011

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shu'up.. my other friends (the yungins) don't know it yet. lol.. it's still gold baby

lol.. old joke I know.. but I love it!

Go to hell and wait?? Dear -dear-dear... :D

no no ... you can lodge it here with my secretary.. go to Helen Waite, she'll be right with you. lol

Jimmy.. rofl.. huh and a whawha?!! I can assure you I won't complain about havin to read that twice.. lol

Ernie!! I luv it.. they remind me of Dr. Hook.. and I heart dr. Hook. thanks so much for sharing it. Imma sucker for 60's/70's folk style muzik..

I've ensured myself by making sure I have an insurance against complaints about plain complainers. It's very reassuring to have such an insurance, except when there's a complaint about the insurance not being as reassuring as being assured... that sucks...

no complaints here bro ;)

LMAO@DT&Whisp<br />
<br />
It's good to be me :-D

Rofl!! DT you bout made me choke on my chip. I totally just saw you actually doin that to Ford.. Rofl!! damn I missed you, it's a tough job pickin on ma bro all by myself.<br />
<br />
Ford hun.. I hear ya.. but I'm sorry .. I keep laughin at yer silly girlfriend.

Oi, I hear ya Whisp!!! My personal favorite dislike are the complainers who stay in a situation they hate seemingly just to have a constant complaint.

lol it's what all the teens in my neighborhood say when someone bends over around them.. <br />
Nope i don't member that.. but i'll be lookin for that now.. lol<br />
and .. u made a crack at my crack.. funny funny

BTW -- killer crack there, sunshine.

I thought that was "speed kills". Or am I dating myself by remembering "Amphetamine Annie" by Canned Heat?

DEG.. lol good answer hun, I see you're trained well<br />
<br />
Ernie.. but crack kills.. lol sorry bad joke

***** are good places for cracks, so I'll try to keep it up and not let you down. Maybe someday you can be a plumber.

lol.. I'm beginning to depend on you to point out schtuff like that fer me Ernie.. cracks my *** up

Yes, the irony did strike me. LOL

Oh sh!t, Ernie you caught me complaining about complaining.. well damnitalltohell !! lmao<br />
<br />
DEG.. here's some coffee a blankie a cookie, some tweezers for the sliver and a heating pad fer yer azz ... smart azz . now... shut the **** up. rofl!

Oh, stop complaining. :P

I know right.. they get repetitive in their complaints, which causes redundancy in our advice.. it's a frustraing circle of pain. Someone hasta put a stop to it.. like ahhh my ears are bleeding from all the whine your pouring into them. shu'up if ya not gon fix it... hmm maybe that's a lil harsh lol

my poor ear, we better find something good to listen to than hearing the same complain from the same person for sooooo i dont know how long i am sure if they really want to make a change we only need to give a one time advise/solution. LOL.

hey hey.. I gotta strike out sumtimes girl.. not all of em can be home runs.

*groans at the pun* Good one, Sunny

Exactly, you'd think they'd tire of it.. but maybe they stay drunk on their whines.

I'm with ya, Sunny and McThinker both. Everybody has their b1tchy moments...but it gets old quick when a person's whole life is like that!

McThinker.. no you're not wrong by doing that. They simply complain themselves into a rut, they can complain themselves out of it. See how far that gets em.

I hate complainers too, every time they come to me complain about the same thing am sick and tired of giving advice or suggest solution to this kind of person.<br />
They dont do anything about what they are complaining about, sometimes i have to shut them off by ignoring them. am i mean by doing so?? complain about the same thing for 2-3 times is fine with me but try hearing the same complain for 5-6 years. hohoho

Exactly! Nicely said Leo.