It's just another one to add to the others I've been through, even having been raised mostly in San Francisco, there are just no words to explain the sound and feel of your whole house shaking. In my mind I see the house twisting back & forth and hearing the things falling along with some glass breaking made me feel as it every bit of glass in the house was crashing into pieces. This was a long one, 30 seconds. Doesn't sound like very long but believe me, it is. We live not far from the epicenter of this one but we fared well enough, a few broken things, mostly my knick knacks and too many of those, a couple of larger items fell & broke as well. On the plus side...2 of our cabinet doors that haven't closed properly since the last quake, now close completely. Unfortunately, many people had severe damage, some to the point of being 'red tagged', which means no one can go back inside until repairs and an inspection by the Fire Department and/or City Inspectors. A few older brick establishments were also severely damaged or collapsed altogether.
My cats were all freaked out, and still are easily spooked to a degree. but I think in time they will be back to normal 100%. Here is one additional fact that not a lot of people know. Before a quake hits, sometimes an hour before or even a day, the birds disappear, bugs stop making noise and the air seems eerily still. Also, sometimes dogs will begin to howl or bark continuously anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour before it hits.
So there you have it, another of natures way of showing us who is in charge. All this leads me to a question I've had for many years and one that it seems no one can answer: How can we even begin to believe that we can continue to pump oil out of the Earth with no consequences? Something has to replace what is taken away or eventually collapse is imminent.
Xlandria61 Xlandria61
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Aug 28, 2014