Cannot Abide Them

The thing that bothers me most about self-centered, narcissistic, egotistical people is that they never spend nearly as much time talking about me as they should if they knew what's good for them!
ElLagarto ElLagarto
56-60, M
9 Responses Aug 22, 2007

I may not be much; but I'm all I ever think about.

Do you want to join me in a class action lawsuit against these egotists? I'm tired of all the pain and suffering they have caused me.

Everyone is already important; not everyone realizes.

I sincerely hope that your smart enough to identify the irony in that statement, lol. If you want to be important, make yourself important. I can't think of anyone that will do it for you....can you?

Hmmm, I see your point.

El, who cares? It's you who should be thinking about me, you evil narcissist! *pout*

But enough about me. What do YOU think about me?

Where's the fairness to me?

i so know what you mean .. its always about them them them ..<br />
<br />
lol ;)